Friday, July 12, 2013

A Gift from SAF Chain Work

There is a great advantage and a wonderful gift with SAF work that I should mention.

As the CLIENT is making connections between the past and the present, and having gains in releasing old emotions and stuck energy, I, as the practitioner, am a witness to these revelations and at the same time, I make my own connections from the client’s gains! It is empowering for both.

SAF practitioners who have experienced this are thankful to their clients and express their appreciation.

There is a similar occurrence with massage therapy, as a therapist understands. In a massage, the kneading and manipulation of muscle and tissue and release feels TERRIFIC to the client, but at the same time is meditative and relaxing for the therapist, to just go with the flow and shifts of energy.

As a client, I can always tell when the Massage Therapist is having problems in life because the energy is different coming TO me. It makes me on guard and the touch and release overall is less enjoyable.

SAF Chain Work
An important SAF Up-Link is 15-17/18: Healer’s Syndrome; absorbing the energy of another. This is common in the chains of massage therapists, chiropractors and others who touch people in their line of work, including distance healers (touch of client’s space and energy field from a distance). This up-link suggests the therapist has picked up reminders from others, reminders of their own issues.

What does this mean in the language of SAF? 
15 - Hypothalamus and the Senses (this is how we sense our world, how we take in energy and ideas) Evaluation and Attention
17/18 = Endocrine or hormone system (this is how we maintain balance..... or not) Equalize and Conservative

Have you had a 15-17/18 in a recent chain? 
Work with this up-link and check out the Interpretation called Healer's Rescue, found at Online.

Words to the Wise:
  • Make sure you stay on top of your own personal emotional release work
  • Keep your energy field and space clear and clean

SAF chain work can help you with this.

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