Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ready. Set. GO.

Your free time with SAF Online is ON!
(for SAF account holders only)
  Welcome in 2016 the right way. Read new information that will help you to more effectively help others in energy levels and healing energy. 

Need more info? There is still time to order books for insights on SAF work so you can best take advantage of this new year's gift, from us to you.

*  SAF Simplified

 Theory, the SAF numbers, and the basics of reading a chain.
(But don't worry, it's easy! Most is in SAF Online now!)

*  The Numbers of SAF

No theory, no deciphering, just the Numbers.
New information not found elsewhere.

*  The SAF Infrared Manual

Use this book with Infrared device (ExTech IR200) or not.
Part One on using Infrared to create a chain, and
Part Two describes ALL the Interpretations and Remedies,
how to use each, interesting case studies and chain work.

The very BEST way to get started with SAF- Training!
Order only from the Home Office: 

* SAF Road Map, Training and Certification, Level 1 

                        This course includes everything you need, step-by-step! 
with 6 books:
*  SAF Road Map Workbook (100 pages);
*  SAF Simplified; 

*  Nutrionics;
*  The Numbers of SAF;* 
*  SAF Flashcards;
*  The SAF Infrared Manual.

*  5 hours personal work with an SAF practitioner,
*  Extended time with SAF Online while a student.
$690.00 USD

We are here to help you get started in this innovative 
Self Awareness method that has everyone talking:

"This system will blow your mind" 

"I am flabbergasted at how my own life has been enriched with my personal SAF program"

"Holy cow! I just finished my SAF session and feel about 10,000 pounds lighter. Thank you!"

"I'm excited that the chains have been broken - these were long-term issues through generations!"

Ready. Set. GO. 
2016 is your year, for achieving harmony and balance!

                           Let us take care of the administration and the paperwork                    
                                             so you can take care of your clients!
Click here to go right to SAF Online!

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