Monday, March 13, 2017

When the Darkness Comes....

When the Darkness Comes….. We Know How to Shed Light on it
     Often, when the darkness comes, we can't put our finger on exactly WHAT is the darkness. It is a depression of some sort, we may feel this as a pressure pushing inward, but what causes it? It creeps in and around us, darkening our mood and outlook on life.
     At times such as these, especially when we cannot figure out which way is UP, this is when we need to turn to SAF® the Self Awareness Formulas. The purpose of SAF® is to shed light into that darkness and show you what it is about.

How is this done?
     By completing a Stress-120 Questionnaire and receiving your chain sequence of numbers. This detailed questionnaire has been designed to codify and put your troubles in perspective, to give you an order of priority. (This Stress-20 Questionnaire is available online at no charge!)

What will these numbers tell you?
     In the hands of a trained SAF® Practitioner, your chain sequence will explain which organs and glands are stressed the most, and can tell you the emotional implications of this. You'll discover the ages of past events relating to this darkness of yours, events that are traumatizing you in the present time, as if you were still living in the past!  

     SAF® is all about cause and effect. We may be sitting IN the effect now, but what is the cause? Where did it start? When we find that, we can begin to unravel it and then we are truly more free to move forward with our life and our goals.

Don't have a Practitioner?  
     No problem. Give us a call and let us direct you.

     The best one for this is SAF Simplified, with theory, the numbers, the emotions, and the organ and gland systems used in this special SAF® method of self awareness.

Remember that each of us is responsible for our own life and health decisions. We do have a choice. 

So make it a good one, for YOU. 
     We are here to help you get started, with your reading and education, with sessions on yourself, and with SAF® training so you can help your family, your clients and patients truly achieve their potential. 


  1. The perfect tool to self awareness.When we are aware of our impeding issues, we are able to live in the present, because we learn how our perceptions as children, are not working for us anymore. This allows us to operate in a higher state,and when freed of the chains of our own judgment,we are able to expand our awareness.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am happy that you understand this!
      Sometimes, it is difficult to get others to see this. We have so many perceptions from childhood and/or early adulthood that get in our way, but we do think this is "normal." it might be "normal" for us because we don't know anything else. Yes, we get the life we get. BUT it is important to know that we CAN change that life. IT IS UP TO US.
      SAF has the tools to help you make that happen.

    2. I would like to use this quote of yours. If this is all right, please let me know. Thanks Jaman!

  2. This is such a great story line. I really do want this to go in the new version of SAF Simplified. I have already submitted the manuscript to Balboa Press and am awaiting feedback from them. These are exciting days, aren't they?