Monday, March 21, 2011

The Q-24 is here!

Now there's a shorter SAF Questionnaire that will quickly deliver an accurate chain, the Q-24!

Approximate time start to finish: 5 minutes or less.

The chain still reveals what organs and glands are stressed, and what emotional traumas from the past are actively directing present day behavior. You may even find more Up-Links to discuss with your clients.

Louise Hay: "This system will blow your mind! It is light years ahead of any other form of therapy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to release old patterns."

This is the original Life Energy Research Computer System that Louise Hay raves about. But instead of paying upwards of $35,000 for a system (1988 prices), you can now access its information online for as little as $5 a day. Even more cost effective yearly rates are available.

Holistic Evaluations - Holistic Solutions No two people are the same - so the solutions should never be the same either! SAF understands this principle and your clients will be thankful you do, too.

Teach your clients to disconnect from emotional traumas and help them discover new-found vitality. The Q-24 offers a fresh new approach to chain creation.

The Q-24 speeds the intake time. Practitioners and students: The Q-24 is dynamite; its brevity will make you smile. In just a few minutes, chain data will be sent to your account, ready to be evaluated and worked. With SAF Online Level 2, both Stress and SAF Up-links can be viewed at once.

The Generate Report feature allows quick access to remedy and interpretation files. Download, print, or email suggested Remedies within seconds; discuss chain Interpretations in-office or by phone.

Let us take care of the chain administration so you can take care of your clients.
Together, we can help GROW your business!

* All SAF Questionnaires on the website are FREE and create a chain for your clients and you.
* Access SAF Online and, through your account, find Interpretations and Remedies. These are certain to invigorate your practice.

Promoting the Life Energy Research Computer System & SAF Programs of Joseph Scogna
through Training & Certification courses and companion books.

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