Saturday, March 12, 2011

When wearing an amulet just isn’t enough, protect yourself with knowledge.

Our hearts and minds are with the people of Japan today. Watching the terrible destruction in Japan, we realize how small and insignificant we humans can be when faced with the mighty forces of the natural world. Earthquakes, tsunami and damaged nuclear power plants, with the release of cesium…..

What is cesium?? If you want to brush up on your knowledge of radioactive elements and how these can affect you, look no further than “The Threat of the Poison Reign” and “The Promethion”. These fit in the category of vibrational medicine. Both are available from Life Energy Publications.

“It is very rare to find anyone who is completely clean of amounts of strontium-90 in the breast and bones, cesium-137 in the muscles, krypton-80 and eight other radioactive nuclides in the ovaries and testes.” – Joseph Scogna (The Threat of the Poison Reign)

“The Threat of the Poison Reign” explains radiant materials in reader-friendly terms, includes a questionnaire for raising awareness about stressed organs and glands and describes in detail the Radiation Detox Program, with the Radiation Cocktail of foods and nutrients to build up the body’s protection.

$19.95 + $6 shipping (USA).

“The Promethion: A comprehensive study of the principles of life energy” is a hardcover text, heavily illustrated. The curious reader, those in the energetic healing arts, light or sound therapy, acupuncture, or homeopathy will find this reference most valuable.

"My research in sound wave energy is based on The Promethion." Nicole LaVoie, from Return to Harmony.

Scogna defines the energy field, and how this can be manipulated and unbalanced by contact and impact with radiant waves of energy, such as radiation, microwave, cell phones and other frequencies of our modern life.

All the elements of the periodic table are presented from an energetic view. Especially important is the pairing of elements for balance, information found nowhere else. Foods, herbs, and other life forms, pressure points and colors are suggested for bringing about balance.

Special price, $109 + $12 shipping (USA). (Send that amount to with a note.)

We also have a limited supply of less than perfect books, with scratches or dents from shipping. $90 + $12 shipping (USA). (Send that amount to with a note.)

Visit to order the books.

While there, click on Questionnaires and complete the SAF 120 Questionnaire for physical symptoms. The chain of numbers will tell what organs and glands are stressed.

Read about these in "SAF Simplified", "The Threat of the Poison Reign", or find a SAF practitioner to help you.

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