Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Every Kiss Begins with Kay" (said singingly), from an ad for Kay Jewelers

Dr. WWG emailed me this question recently.  

WWG: “I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night, more kisses begin with Miller Lite than Kay jewelry, a diamond or other gemstone. What do you think?” 

KMS: This is SO TRUE. 
But why is this so? In one of Joe Scogna’s first lectures to medical doctors and chiropractors, he spoke about the role of the pineal gland, which differed substantially with accepted knowledge.

Forget what the medical texts say about it:
     Pineal body, from pinea: shaped like a small pine cone. A gland-like structure situated over the brain stem and which appears to be a vestigial remnant of a functioning endocrine gland in other animals. It has no known function in man, although Descartes (mathematician and philosopher 1596-1650) thought it to be the seat of the soul. The pineal has a role in pigmentation in some species; calcium deposition in the pineal makes it a useful marker of mid-line in skull x-rays.” 
--"Dorland's Medical Dictionary"; and "Concise Encyclopedia of the Sciences"

In contrast to the above medical view, Scogna called the pineal our future gland, the future gland of mankind. It influences our wake-sleep patterns, seasonal light, and sexual maturation and sexual activity, and goes into action when the body is ill or its survival is threatened. It is considered the mind's eye or the "third eye" in some philosophies.

Miller Lite is a drug (alcohol), a poison and against life. The pineal gland makes a decision: the DRINKER has been poisoned and is actively dying! The pineal then goes into hyper-drive  scanning the horizon for a suitable mate, to procreate, to produce a new life form (a child). All so that the human race will continue.

A glass or two of Miller Lite, spotting a likely candidate of the opposite sex at the bar (sorry to burst your bubble, any one will do....), and the next thing you know, in the sack they are, kissing and beyond.

Purely stimulus (beer) and survival response (sex).

How does the pineal operate?

In several books, Joe Scogna defines the pineal. This gland, along with the thalamus, hypothalamus and the pituitary, are considered to be primitive brains, precursors of electromagnetic energy, which communicate to the rest of the body in coded radio frequencies. The pineal gland is able to track other energies at great distances in a 360-degree circumference as it scans the horizons for a suitable mate, per above.

So, take heed. If you are looking to become more spiritually aware, this is the gland you want to have functioning. It is essential to watch what frequencies you put in your body!

In the language of SAF, the number assigned to the pineal gland is 15, a part of the hypothalamus and the senses. In an SAF chain, when a 15-21 combination appears (Hypothalamus/the Senses plus Posterior Pituitary), this indicates that an alert study of the pineal is in order. 

To find your stressed organs and glands, take the free Stress-120 Questionnaire at

Have your chain evaluated by an SAF practitioner (the best way!)and discover your own stimulus-response mechanisms. You can also read SAF Simplified. This book contains the numbering system of the SAF method, all the organ and gland information and the related emotions and functions of each system. 

Books that define the pineal gland and its workings: The SAF Key, The Promethion and The Origins of Genetic Behavior (due to be published later this year).


  1. Love the lead in of a Kiss begins with Kay brings back a musical delight.

    1. It does! Catchy ad and jingle. Wishes, Hopes & Dreams.