Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Adventures with Infrared and a Cat Scan

KMS: This was submitted by Nancy B. Porter, DN, LISW. Nancy has been using SAF for a number of years. It has been invaluable to help the emotional aspects of the healing of herself and her husband after a terrible and devastating collision with a truck. The infrared is a recent addition to her work as they both continue to heal and help themselves and others in the process.

NBP: I can say that everyone who has ‘undergone’ the infrared process is blown away. They invariably want to know: “How does ‘IT’ (the infrared thermometer) know about me”? When I tell them that it “reads” hot and cold pressure points representing organs and glands, and a little bit about how SAF works, they’re still in awe.

I love infrared because it bypasses one's defenses and gets right to the heart of the matter.....or the spleen.... or the colon. It is simple to use and reliable. There is no way to try and affect the chain outcome so these will be "good" ones or a better sounding chain.

After doing lots of Infrared readings on myself, the thing that astounds me still is how it reads the "immediacy" of the person. For instance, I had dental x-rays one morning and IT knew this - the chain spoke about x-ray radiation to the thalamus. IT reads everything, and while some numbers stay static, representing chronic issues, it also picks up the new stuff day to day. Or probably minute to minute if I were to monitor it that often.

The Infrared also seems very "Official" to people. It just occurred to me that a couple of clients were spooked about how much IT knew, because they thought no one would know their secrets....secrets that they had been feasting on..... sugars.....and starches.

I recently did an Infrared scan on Chuck, my cat, and the results were really funny. And so very true! I used several of the SAF Online Interpretations and Remedies.

Stress Up-Links: Chuck hates his sister, Tux, and had a 1-8 up-link (using energy in a negative way to hurt self or others.) He's always chasing her off the deck and then getting beat up afterward.

Remedy Orange: Chuck is sensitive to Insect Mix, but he goes on eating them anyway. (We humans tend to ingest items that are bad for us, too and we are addicted to things that are harmful.) 

He also needs an expectorant (for hairballs), and has an imbalance from arguing with someone (his sister).

One of his Emotion Hazards was "feels useless", which we assume is because he tends to do nothing
but lie around all day.

But my favorite item was in the Millennium Detox. Chuck needs to detox from polluted water.
His favorite thing in the whole world is "found water" - puddles, rain spouts, and even if it comes out of a cesspool.

Amazing! How does SAF know this?

KMS: LOVE the cat story! Can I use it? Proper credit, of course! 

NBP: Chuck would be honored to work with the SAF team!   
I had a heckuva time getting the scan because it made him mad when he was trying to nap, but once I got it, I laughed (#20), real belly laughs.  I remember Joseph saying that this kind of laugh discharges a lot of electricity and cats are great for that.

KMS: Thanks, Nancy. 
To the readers, I bet when you saw the title of this blog you were thinking, who had a CAT scan, what is going on?  LOL
I love to hear from practitioners - their successes, how their clients are doing (SAF is all about the clients' progress), and if there are any questions about SAF or Infrared.  It is gratifying that practitioners from "back in the day" are now working with the NEW Infrared. So write me!

The INFRARED and SAF chainwork are amazing tools for practitioners. Find out how you can implement these in your practice. 

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