Friday, January 16, 2015

Drug-Free Health Care for People of all Ages

Are you concerned about your health care?
Are you worried about the potential harm from synthetic drugs, chemicals and long term treatments with these?

Homeopathy is drug-free health care for people of all ages.

The Homeopathic Self Appraisal Index is here! 223 pages,illustrated, 8 X 10. $26.95.

This book should be in everyone's house, for a reference, for history, for information on self needs.

Recent History explained: In 1994, a decades-long battle between the forces of the US government (FDA, AMA) against the centuries-old practice of homeopathy was settled. Homeopathy was taken OUT of the realm of DRUGS (where it had been since 1938) and into the realm of a Food/ Supplement.

Passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that year guaranteed US homeopathic physicians would no longer be raided by the G-Men (with guns in holsters... or not), arrested as drug dealers in front of their terrified patients, or driven out of business.

NOW we can find homeopathic remedies in health food stores.
But wait! Which ones would be good for me?
 Help is on the way. In the book, the reader will find 5 different ways to Find a Remedy, including with a blood chemistry evaluation.

Plus, The Homeopathic Medicine Kit list - 26 remedies no home should be without. 

The book details: 
* what the remedies are (Latin and common names)
*  the symptoms and syndromes for their use (fears, anxiety, headaches, nervousness, itchy skin, neuritis, obesity etc)

And the book does so for more than 184 remedies!

Symptoms and Syndromes have been redefined based on an understanding of the science of Light  and Energy and Similars. 
Light (Electromagnetic Spectrum)
Energy (Periodic Table of Elements)
Similars (the essence of Homeopathy)

Written in easy to understand language, a practical and comprehensive INDEX of humankind's oldest organized form of healing. It is truly our Medicine of the Past and Future.

For Practitioners and Enthusiastic Students of Homeopathy: Use this book along with SAF Online to find a remedy based on the SAF chain sequence.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It is a beautiful book, very easy to thumb through and find info. It is educational too. I especially enjoyed writing Medicine of the Past and Future - to understand how and why it works so well.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you.
      Here is an excerpt: Theridon (Orange spider). Small hairy spider is orange and lives in orange trees. Those with a sense of rhythm, who are sensitive to noise and solar heat, who, when they are not hiding, are expressive singers or dancers with lithe, spider-like movements may benefit from this remedy.
      With 184 + remedies from which to choose - wow! This book has it all.

    2. Not sure why I chose that one to share from the book. Orange spider. Might have been the image of the lithe, spider-like dancing, coming out of the shadows and into the light.
      I should probably look up the symptom patterns in the book and see if perhaps I DO need this remedy.