Thursday, October 30, 2014

Homeopathy Revisited: A Modern ENERGETIC View of an Ancient Healing Art

New sub-title, new look, new innards! 106 pages of a totally revamped, more readable, more understandable version, with a practical use for those new to SAF or for clients and readers who want more information.

Don't let the physics part scare you off - the electromagnetic principles of life, light wave phenomena, visible and invisible. It imbues all who live in this planetary sector, all creatures that possess life energy. It is in our DNA.

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Back to the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann. In the 1700s, he understood the energetics of life, even though our modern terminology had not yet been created. He knew there was a force of energy around us, and around plants, animals, insects, and the elements and minerals, as well. He was the first to catalog detailed symptoms, how people reacted to all the plants, animals, insects and minerals. He dosed healthy people first with those substances and found that when highly diluted, these worked best with the unhealthy person. When highly diluted, what remained of the original substance was the electrical configuration of it.  We would say today that he worked with the energetics of humans.

Hahnemann knew it wasn't the substance that "cured" but that the vital force (the spirit), which created the disorder in the first place, could take in the electrical message of that similar substance and THAT would stimulate balance in the body. Balance is the natural state for humankind. If healing was to happen, this is how it would occur.

This is energetic medicine at its core!

Because of his comprehension of the unseen, Hahnemann had run-ins with the standard doctors of his day. This might sound familiar to some of you! He called them "materialists" because they only dealt in the material realm; a disease did not exist until they could see it with their eyes or feel it with their hand.

Stay tuned.....This book will be available very soon. I'll post when it is.

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