Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nutrionics: Truths from the Ancient World of Elements and Alchemy

Alchemy? That's Ancient History.
What could this subject possibly have to do with us - TODAY - in this wonderful, crazy high-tech world of electronics?

The elements and alchemy are the building blocks of who and what we are today, what we think and what we understand. The elements have been here since the world began, and still arrive in star dust. The cover of the newest book released by Life Energy Publications: Nutrionics: Introduction to Elemental Pairs depicts this star dust in transit.

On a physical level, we are COMPOSED of the elements, as is everything on this planet; all rocks and trees and plants and insects and fish and mammals and humans. Each group listed has different combinations of the elements, the same elements that have gone into making the skyscrapers and houses we inhabit, the vehicles we drive.

The alchemists had inquiring minds! These first researchers examined the properties of the Mineral Kingdom in their midst even before recorded history; the first records were c. 6000 years ago. That early science evolved into chemistry and quantum theory, to which men of science today owe their knowledge base. The Periodic Table of Elements, the transformation and flow is our science of Energy. (page 41)

Light, in its various forms, which comes to us from space, is displayed on the Electromagnetic Spectrum; this is our science of Light. (page 18)

As new elements were discovered in the latter part of the 1700s, homeopathic physicians were busy dosing their healthy patients to find what symptoms would be produced by those elements. This information came in handy during the Industrial Revolution when those elements spewed forth into the atmosphere. It is NOT a coincidence that those same symptoms appeared in the people. By dosing with Similars, homeopaths could reduce the impact of symptoms and disorders suffered.

When in perfect health, the elements within us balance themselves naturally, and we feel light. When the elements are imbalanced, we have symptoms.

In Nutrionics, the reader will learn how the early known elements helped to balance us. 22 elements are presented metabolically, fully explained, along with their balancing agents-- minerals, foods, herbs and homeopathic remedies: 11 pairs of elements that balance each other and us (pages 39-124).
  1.                  Lithium           Fluorine
  2.                  Sodium           Chlorine
  3.                  Magnesium     Sulfur
  4.                  Aluminum       Phosphorus
  5.                  Potassium        Bromine
  6.                  Calcium           Selenium
  7.                  Chromium        Zinc
  8.                  Manganese      Copper
  9.                  Iron                  Nickel
  10.                  Rubidium         Iodine
  11.                  Lead                 Gold
In Nutrionics, the reader will find that all this information was connected by mathematics into a new language of body-mind-spirit-emotions, called SAF, the Self Awareness Formulas. The numbering system of the organ and gland systems is found on the pages of this book (page 157). The system was computerized in the early 1980s and is as valid now as it was then. Today, this is available as an online system, so no extra computers or upgrades to programs will ever be necessary. SAF ONLINE

By using this SAF system, we can find what organ and gland systems are stressed (out of whack!) and what balancing agents to use.

NUTRIONICS: Think "cosmic nutrition" radiating in and humankind using electronics and computers to sort it out. 

This sweet book (8" X 10", 188 pages, with illustrations and index) is available at booksellers, Amazon, and of course Kathy Scogna Books
ISBN: 13: 978-1505653700
ISBN: 10: 1505653703

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