Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Omni-Track & Metagenics

Important updates and news from Life Energy

This is an interpretation in the SAF Online system. Many of the Interpretations have companion books and Omni-Track is no different. Its companion book is Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA. Omni-Track is composed of the 128 Sensory Channels listed in Junk DNA. 128 perceptions, not just the common, ho-hum five. 

 It is a compelling book by itself but has the added plus with Omni-Track of letting you discover which of the 128 senses need some attention. Practitioners have their clients read in Junk DNA about the items that appear and it opens up a discussion, often a lively chat!  
To see how this works,

The Metagenics Interpretation, found in SAF Online, has been updated to the new product line. Metagenics Plus Interpretation has no companion book, other than the current Metagenics catalog. These are excellent products.

Based on the client's chain sequence of organs and glands that are stressed, the Metagenics Plus Interpretation lists the products that will be good balancing agents. Practitioners may purchase the necessary products directly from Metagenics.
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Watch for the Neuron and Axon Interpretation in the near future!
 The companion book for this one is Light,Dark: the Neuron and the Axon. (Scogna, 2014) More on this Interpretation in a later blog...

Both books, Junk DNA and Light, Dark are available for purchase online at Life Energy Research and my new website Kathy Scogna Books

How to use the Infrared device; How to use the different interpretations with the companion books; and then book trailers for several books, especially Junk DNA.
We are open to suggestions -- what would you like to see that will help you?

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