Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Guide Book for Clients (SAF Primer)

The SAF Primer is finally here!

Originally, SAF Simplified was the Primer but overtime, a shorter, less complicated version was needed for clients. So, now we have The Numbers of SAF, a client guide book. Yes, it is written for clients..... and their practitioners.

The numbers 1-24 are presented with the body, mind, and spirit aspects of each system.  The words mimic the Endocrine Sense Channels Chart (aka The SAF Operative Chart), to include the action; condition; organ-gland system; emotion; low emotion; and high emotion. 

What DO all those words mean anyway? Why were these chosen? You need look no further than the new book, The Numbers of SAF.

The purpose of the SAF Operative Chart is simple: How to Operate in the language of SAF. It is the framework of the body-mind-emotion-spirit language that is SAF. When we understand the language of SAF, we can finally listen to the chatter of our organs and glands and the messages they are sending to us about our symptoms. SAF is the Rosetta Stone, the translator for the body, our symptoms, our past!  

SAF is not something that is done TO us, like a frequency device or a tapping on the arm, or popping a pill. We have personal work to do! It is a method in which we are active participants so that our self efficacy will rise. Personal excellence. Self knowledge. Self awareness. When we put in the personal work, the results will hold because we did it.

Depending upon your practitioner's area of expertise, you can learn to connect the causes and effects, receive special nutrition, herbs, homeopathic and flower remedies, acupuncture and other programs for health, and you can resolve present day situations by putting past events truly in the past where they belong.

Your practitioner will explain that every chain sequence has a story to tell. After transposing the numerical sequence into a grammatical sentence, we can learn to read it like a book. The chain presents a snapshot, a slice of life of your personal issue or trauma or whatever block you are working on.

SAF is not like a birth chart or astrology that can be completed once or twice in a lifetime. Think of an SAF chain as finding a single moment of impact in your life. How many impacts have there been? We humans each embody many, many chain sequences because we've had impacts, injuries, physical and emotional upsets throughout our lives.   

We recommend that clients work on chains on a weekly basis, or at the discretion of your practitioner. And we love it when our practitioners work on their own chain sequences!

The more educated you are in this method, the smoother and faster will be your SAF session work. You will be a more active participant and can help your practitioner.  He or she will let you know how often chain work should be done and the scheduling of the session work.

And it all starts with the new book: The Numbers of SAF.

 Available wherever books are sold or $10.99

If you are interested in buying these books in bulk, please contact Kathy at  

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