Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SAF Modality Sorter

Have you ever been stumped by a client's chain?
Are you looking for new ideas to help your clients?

If so, this would be the ideal time to check out the SAF Online Interpretation, SAF Modality Sorter.

A Modality is a type of therapy and this Interpretation presents 69 different therapies for you to utilize.
A Sorter is just that; it sorts through data.

The Modality Sorter will take the chain sequence (created by special Questionnaires or Infrared) and determine which of the 69 modalities offer the most benefit.  Found only in SAF Online, this Sorter will comb through the chain data and come up with some surprises for you and your client!

Suggestions may include Acupuncture; Chiropractic (TMJ); Dental Repair; Detoxification; Listen to Good Music; Sauna (dry heat); or Vitamins, to mention but a few.
Each therapy is described in this book, and cross-referenced to 40 other Interpretations in SAF Online.
(ISBN-13: 978-1518875984  68 pages, $9.99  Amazon)

No more guesswork! 
Find the suggestions and solutions with the Modality Sorter, read about these in the book. And then, if desired, access the cross-referenced Interpretations recommended.

For example, if the online Modality Sorter suggests Vegetable Juices, then access the Juice Interpretation (with SAF Online) to find what vegetables can be juiced for the best effect for that chain.

If Modality Sorter highlights Emotional Correction, the Interpretations to check include Emotion Hazards and Mood (Bach Flowers +); both found in SAF Online.

Because the chain data is already tabulated and in your SAF Online account, once you click on Emotion Hazards or Mood, specific items will be listed. 

If the online Modality Sorter suggests Massage, the client may truly welcome the assignment! 

This particular therapy can be added to by the Essential Oils Interpretation, to find what oils to use in that massage.
And later, much more relaxed and happy, your client will thank you and tell all her friends about your wonderful work. 
When you want new ideas and new directions for helping your clients, look to the SAF Modality Sorter first.

This might be the DAY to go on a chain-mining expedition!   Let the SAF Modality Sorter be your guide and see what it uncovers.
(ISBN-13: 978-1518875984  68 pages, $9.99  Amazon)
What are the 40 Interpretations in the database for practitioners? 
The SAF Infrared Manual lists the 40 Interpretations, with details and step-by-step instructions. These include allergies and sensitivities, homeopathic remedies, herbs, colors, ages of traumas and events, emotions stimulated, syndromes (up-links), and many more.
 (ISBN-13: 978-1500130091  98 pages, $10.99 Amazon) 
See also: www.lifeenergyresearch.com/about_safonline

How is the Infrared used? 
To get started with SAF Online using the Infrared device, read about it first, then order the ExTech IR200 through Amazon

SAF Online is a cost effective service for busy practitioners. It is easy to learn and set-ups can be run by your office staff. The SAF Online account is your own and cannot be accessed by anyone else. It will store an infinite number of clients and their chain work. As with all SAF Online work, the chain data and various Interpretations can be downloaded to your computer, printed for your own files, or emailed to your client.  

The SAF Online motto: "Let us take care of the paperwork so you can focus on your clients."

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