Saturday, November 28, 2009

Part 2: A Dying Horse gets his Wish

SAF Interpretations are a series of numbers that relate to organs and glands, emotions and conditions. Combinations of these numbers tell the story of syndromes and diseases.

After the infrared scan had been completed, Joe Scogna sort of hesitated when he saw the numbers on the screen, but gave the Interpretation as he saw it not knowing what to expect. But instead of identifying a disease, Joe said, "He doesn't like his work, a 3-4-5 in the core."

He turned to the three for a response.

The woman answered tersely, "We don't work him - he isn't a workhorse. He's a fine thoroughbred!"

Roger cringed. Obviously, this trip was a mistake. Joe didn't know horseflesh.

Undeterred, Joe turned back to the computer screen and continued. "He's lost his zest for living, this 13-17/18," he pointed to the lead numbers in the sequence on the screen. "And the 13-20 up-link shows he is homesick and depressed. Whatever happened, whatever changes were made, this was all very traumatic for the horse and it has upset his hormone balance," he stated matter-of-factly.

After a brief silence, the weight of his words sunk in; both owners began speaking at once. "He's a fine racehorse, a champion we purchased at great expense!"
"We wanted to recoup our money by putting him out to stud, but he's impotent!"
"He isn't interested in mares..."
"He has the best of everything here, the pastures, the feed, the peace and quiet for his retirement years."
"And yet, he is going downhill!"

As the story unfolded, the couple finally understood the messages their horse was sending them. They had taken him from the fast-paced life of the racing circuit where he was tops in his class, away from that energy and vitality, and had moved him to their bucolic country estate where they planned to recover their investment by using him for breeding purposes. But the horse missed the excitement of his old life and job, wasn't interested in the new life they were providing.

"It's right here," said Joe, "the 13-17/18-20 tells us loss of zest, loss of sexual powers. He is depressed about the move and can't perform at his new job, providing offspring."

Mystery solved. The emotional issues beneath the "illness" had been brought to the surface by the SAF chain and the owners decided to make some changes. The stallion would receive more attention and grooming from people, uplifting, parade-type music, flags waving and fanfare.

Last I heard, the horse was doing well, interested in mares, and living up to his potential as a stud.


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    1. This is a true event! Roger was especially good with words and telling a story, and I just love his vision of Joe in all this. Humorous.

  2. what a neat story!

  3. Funny! Do you have a place where humans tell their stories, too?

    1. Funny you should ask. Human stories are what we and SAF are all about. Everyone has a story to tell. Find out your story with this innovative SAF method. We are amassing several case histories for the website and to include in teaching and books.
      Stay tuned.....