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SAF is now Online! Learn to create Customized Work-ups with SAF Online and SAF Simplified (see book review below).

The History: We’ve known for many years that the Life Energy Research System and the SAF Computer Programs, written and produced by Joseph R. Scogna Jr. in the early 1980s, must be upgraded. In those middle years, it seemed that every 6 months a completely new operating system hit the market and had to be purchased in order to keep abreast of change. Now the field is overwhelmingly diverse and no one wants to purchase yet another computing system, no matter how effective it is at pinpointing traumatic events and increasing awareness!

The Present: With SAF readers, students, coaches and practitioners in 19 different countries, we made the decision to create an online version. In this way, we can keep the delivery standard, the cost low and reach many more practitioners and students.

What does SAF Online offer?
  • A fast way to process chains
  • Store all client administration and chains by date
  • Standard Interpretations, (Up-Links & Operative Words)
  • Eight exciting new Interpretations – Modality Sorter, Herbs, Colors, Emotion Hazards, Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Juices, and BusinessPro.
  • Access is 24/7 from most modern browsers, from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy on-screen instructions, plus Tour.

Check out and take a Tour of SAF Online! While you’re there, purchase SAF Simplified and start creating customized work-ups for your clients, friends and family.

The Future: We'll be posting articles of interest to SAFers, news about other books and training levels, and updates to SAF Online.

S.A.F. Simplified: Self Awareness Formulas
A Book Review by Rev. William J. Sneck, S.J., Ph.D.
Jesuit Center for Spiritual Growth, Wernersville, PA.

I wish that I had known Joseph Scogna! Polymath, Renaissance Man, original thinker, synthetic visionary, compassionate prophet – all these descriptors and more come to mind and heart as one ponders the wisdom in these pages. SAF Simplified is at once: metaphysical cosmology, philosophy of life, ethical system, psychological manifesto, and self-help guide with its 120-item questionnaire.

The author of this review can testify to a tremendously significant personal insight that was gained from the analysis of his answers provided by software and the text.

Balance is the “spirit” and atmosphere that breathes throughout this volume as Scogna moves effortlessly back and forth between discussions of energy from the sun, organic/glandular health and malfunction, psychological strength and mistakes.

Using the simple example of a person who has bought an ice-cream cone and then has suffered a car accident, Scogna analyses the dynamics of stress, trauma, recovery, learning of perspective, counteracting of physical and mental injury, etc. by working out the implications of the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit.

Scogna humorously describes discomfort and diseases as “dragons,” and thus enlists age-old folkloric dimensions in his prescriptions for health and wise living.

Chapter Five treats “The Organs and Glands, Emotions and Conditions.” Each of the 24 “complexes” (from thymus to lymph but distinguishing brain from mind) is ranked by number.

“SAF uses combinations of these assigned numbers, called chains, to decipher a person’s case state. Particular sequences have specific meaning” (pg. 71). Once detected, the …status can be deprogrammed to a new state of free operation, thereby releasing all injury – past, present, and future. (pg. 73)

The upbeat, hopeful tone of the book and its sweeping inclusion of suggested, healthful advice marks SAF as a major contribution toward wise living. Scogna has authored a masterful body of breakthrough insights and directions for self-understanding and living.
The Stress-120 Questionnaire mentioned is available free of charge at: Use SAF Online and this book for an interpretation of your SAF chain and custom work-up.

Who would be interested in this book:
Required for SAF Training and Certification, Level 1. Stress processors, emotional release workers, addictions counselors, psychologists, biofeedback, SCIO, naturopaths, bio-energetic practitioners, or anyone who wants to understand and change lifelong patterns and create a happier life.


  1. What an innovative idea! i'll never have to worry about buying more and more potentially outdated equipment. I'm also really into herbs and juices, so i like that i can find out what kinds work for me. Thank you Kathy for updating his work and getting it out there!

    1. It has been a pleasure to update this great work! stick with it, there is more to come!

  2. This looks great! Let's see more posts soon!