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Ancient Alchemists & The Promethion - Connections!
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Believe me, The Promethion has had legs; it is currently on bookshelves in 25 or 26 different countries. It is a foundational text used by every sound energy group, dowsers, frequency and energetic healing enclaves that I've run across, world-wide. It is in the hands of physicists, cymatics, artists, sculptors, and Chinese and Asian medical practitioners alike.

Why? It contains the elements of the Periodic Table, the discoveries and tabulations of which began with the ancient alchemists and are continued today by modern researchers, scientists and physicists. That Table of minerals and elements and gasses contains and defines every speck of energy on planet Earth and beyond. As above, so below. As in the macro, so in the micro. As in the air and dirt and water, so in the human being. WE are a product of planet Earth.

Remember: In the past, there was the time-tested and brilliance of Natural Philosophy, which encompassed a holistic view (body, mind and spirit) of nature and humankind. Illness, to the great minds of this philosophy practiced in all parts of the globe, was seen as a series of symptoms, brought on by an imbalance of some sort. Find the imbalance and the symptoms ("disease") disappeared.

Enter the microscope in the 1590s: the formerly invisible became visible and a new world opened up. As later microscopes were developed, a schism occurred in Natural Philosophy: science and medicine followed a fork in the road to embrace ONLY what was visible, even though this comprises a mere 1% of reality. Forever after, knowledge had to be SEEN for it to be true. "Seeing" and diagnosing is now relegated to the doctor and the lab technician with the microscope and the x-ray machine.

During that division, and ever since, philosophy and spirituality were left to deal with the "invisible natures" and in the process, we lost our ability to intuitively know and understand life and explore our holistic selves. With that schism, we lost our capacity to understand the invisible, which makes up 99% of reality! 

Lest you think the ancient alchemists didn't know much, among so many discoveries, they defined the atom, even though it wouldn't be "found" or "seen" for another 2,000 years! Atomism means “not dividable”; it was written down in both ancient India (600 BC) and Greece (450 BC).

History on Word Origins:
Physics” was not used until well into the 1800s, so when you read: “Democritus, the physicist (460 BC),” be assured he was an alchemist of Natural Philosophy.

The origins of “science” and “scientist”, coined by William Whewell is dated in the Oxford English dictionary as being created in 1834; before that, the terms science and scientist had no meaning. Scientist was used as a sort of joke.
Back to The Promethion! Hydrogen is found in the First and second Octaves, at Levels 1-16

(excerpt from The Promethion):
Hydrogen: In modern times, hydrogen was first called “inflammable air” by Henry Cavendish in 1766. Cavendish was an eccentric fellow who postulated many of the advanced electrical phenomena of Faraday and Coulomb long before these phenomena were discovered. The exact pressure levels of hydrogen, protium, deuterium and tritium were later fully understood in the 1930s during research that led to the manufacture of the A-bomb and thermonuclear devices.

In The Promethion, Joe Scogna reunites physical alchemy (chemistry) with the spiritual alchemy of the ancients, bringing together again, those two divergent pathways. And he does so almost poetically. In history and personality of each element, it is evident Joe tapped into secret and long-forgotten information of the ancient alchemists.

(excerpt): There are many theories on the evolution of these teachings, but none satisfy scientific thought. Be that as it may, the philosophers of former times knew about or theorized the precise movements of matter so tiny that one needs an electron microscope with which to view them.

Ancient teachings symbolize the development of hydrogen by telling a story of the birth, growth and struggle of the element. The action of hydrogen particles waxing and waning between positive and negative states was observed traditionally as the see-saw exchange of power between male and female principles in the Book of Changes (I Ching) and other philosophies.

The first appearance of matter (Life Energy) out of the void, the first pressure level, was appropriately titled CREATION. It is this creative thrust that supersedes desire, want or will of the spirit; this creative thrust guides Life Energy into the visible shape and form.”

Hydrogen has 16 different levels, each with its own story, to include Reception, Infant, Experience, The Joining, The Organization of Chaos, and more.

At Level 56h, we find Gold (Au). This level is titled: HARMONIC LIGHT to denote the stage of perfect power needed to rule the baser, heavier conditions of the physical universe. Gold will always rule lead, as long as man recognizes his own true greatness and the wisdom of Supreme Intelligence.

Gold is the medium by which the spirit balances its own vital forces. When a body is in perfect condition, the element gold reigns supreme. When the body is in poor condition and out of balance, heavy metals move in to replace it.

Making gold was not an imaginary trifle to ancient alchemists. The idea of transmutating baser elements into gold was an idea copied from the process that occurred in their own bodies. The impetus for gold production in the body is balance.

The triumph of good over evil is constantly played out through gold-lead balances. The victory of good over evil is assured, for gold is the radiant display of the thoughts and desires of the Supreme Being. It is an example for everyone to follow.

The pure harmony granted by gold is the goodness descended from God; and all those partaking wholly of this evidence themselves, will become god-like to that degree.

Haloes and Auras There is an interesting note about gold: Haloes and auras around the body are of many different colors and forms. You may have seen cameras that are purported to take a photo of an aura.

All the elements emit a color. Auras can be read only with spectrographic analysis equipment, to determine which of the elements (identified by their color) are charged in those areas.

However, gold does not belong in this spectrum and will not appear.

The color gold is a special combination of electric pressure and physical matter. A golden aura is only perceived by those who have an acute talent and power to observe it. It is not by any mistake that those believed to be spiritually above the common man and considered saints are pictured with a golden halo.

The Promethion is an outstanding book! It is a hardcover text, heavily illustrated and makes the Periodic Table come alive as never before. Joe writes from an energy perspective that will change forever the reader's viewpoint about existence.

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