Saturday, December 28, 2013

A New Year's Present to You

Winter is the season noted for giving. Presents! Love! Food! We attend family gatherings, outside festivals and places of worship to celebrate the change in light, to celebrate the end of one year and the start of another.

This helps to brighten our shortest days and longest darkest nights - we look forward to the return of the sun, the dawning of a new year and all the promise it holds.

In that spirit of giving, on January 1st, the dawning of a new year, I will be adding 30 free days to your SAF Online account.

If you already have an active account, look for those extra days. If you need to complete your account, please do so, then look for those 30 days. If you've thought about starting an account but haven't yet, do so now, and then look for those 30 free days.

All accounts in place by January 1 will be given the free 30 days of use.

Your SAF Online account will help you with:
1. Chain Creation, with 3 questionnaires and/or INFRARED.

2. Chain Interpretations. Those trained in SAF techniques will find this is tabulated automatically and presented in easy to read Charts. You'll find ages of traumas and emotional events, Lead, Core and Anchor, and important syndromes.

3. Remedies for the Chain. This section was not taught in early SAF training classes but is simple to learn. Based on the up-links in the chain, certain items are chosen for their resonance to the chain. Many are self explanatory, especially as they apply to your own profession. For others, you will find books on the website that further define them, see list below and "The Guide to SAF Online".
The Interpretation and Remedy groups are:
  • SAF Up-Links (self explanatory, SAF Training, Level 2)
  • Stress Up-links(self explanatory, "SAF Simplified" book, SAF Training, Level 1)
  • Operative Words and Age of trauma (SAF Training, Level I)
  • Acu-track (acupuncture /acupressure points and meridians)
  • Alchem-184(single formula homeopathics, see "Homeopathic Self Appraisal Index" book)
  • Amino Acids (see "Amino Acids: A Nutritional Guide" book)
  • Antidote1
  • BusinessPro
  • Chinese Herbs (5 categories: Bland, Chilly, Mildly Chilly, Hot, Warm) 
  • Color Coordinator (using color to help balance the chain)
  • Culinary Herbs 
  • Delete Drugs
  • Emotion Hazards
  • Environmentals (sensitivities)
  • Essential Oils
  • Healer's Rescue (for those who touch people in their line of work, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and even distance healing)
  • Herb CR08
  • Herbal Treatment (for a Master Herbalist)
  • Herbs Scan 46 
  • Juice
  • Mass Energy Imbalance
  • Metabolic Triples
  • Metagenics (company products)
  • Millennium Detox (sensitivities, allergies)
  • Modality Sorter (see: "SAF Modality Sorter" book)
  • Mood (flower essences, mostly Bach, with homeopathics)
  • Problems Worries Upsets
  • Remedy Blue 82(compound homeopathic formulas, see "Homeopathy Revisited" book)
  • Remedy Orange(sensitivities, allergies. See,"Remedy Orange" book)
  • Remedy Red Expanded (homeopathic glandulars plus)
  • Run Escape (when you are at the end of your rope!)
  • Vita Coordinator
Expand your Horizons! During the 30 free days, feel free to experiment with Remedy groups with which you may be unfamiliar.  Now is a good time to order books you may need, and if you haven't already purchased the IR200 Infrared, wow, you are missing out on a fast and dynamic way to create a chain.

Isn't it nice to know that as the sun is increasing in light and strength, you'll be adding to your own light and awareness (your toolbox) so you can help your clients increase their awareness and sense of well-being?
As your clients experience their "A-HAs" and the release/relief that follows, you'll be sharing and experiencing that as well.


Enjoy your gift. If you need help or have questions, please contact us.  or


  1. Thank you very much! Means a lot, it gave me a chance to work with SAF and I plan to continue.

    1. Great! If I can help, let me know. Check out the new Infrared device, for generating chains quickly. Will help you get right to the core issues.