Friday, December 20, 2013

SPAM and Free e-Books at Amazon

Sorry, folks, the powers-that-be decided my email address was SPAM so many of you did not get a note from me about these free books. Now I know SPAM, it is that meat-like substance that comes in a can. We did some target practice with one of those cans of SPAM and my email address looks nothing like it.

I do not buy lists of people. I send emails to those who have written to me at one point or another. So if you get an email from me, be assured you and I have been in communication in the past.

How to find the free books. Go to:
The three books available are:
Homeopathy Revisited
What Your Blood Tells You
Interview with Joe Scogna 1982

The downloadable books are free until end of Dec 21. These will work for Kindle, your computer, smart phones or other devices; Amazon even has an APP for downloading in case you need it. They think of everything, don't they?

Personally, e-books are not as pretty as a print version but I hear that it is the information peeps want, not the prettiness of a book.

To give you an update, I'm working on another downloadable book for Amazon, "SAF Technology & Infrared Scans". Should be up any day. Free for a few days. So keep watching. If you "LIKE" Life Energy Publications on Facebook, you will get immediate notices.
Honest to goodness, the books are free to download, until the end of Dec 21. Only ONE day left!

Promo for the new e-book - SAF Technology & Infrared Scans
Can a horse talk to us? Yes, just as easily as our symptoms are messages meant to alert us. This is possible with SAF Technology and its use of infrared.

What is INFRARED? This book explains the infrared band of energy, its history, and as utilized in SAF for creating chains. It is an informative and interesting book just by itself, but includes details for operating the IR200 device and charts of the Gravinometric Face Points (venting sites), an integral part of the Self Awareness Formulas.

Several articles in the book explain why and how infrared is used to read energy patterns and how that melds with SAF. There are also articles / interviews with Joe, back in the day. 

Utilized in conjunction with the SAF online system, it is available to anyone around the world, who has access to the Internet. The system is cost effective so practitioners, researchers and students can afford it. SAF Online offers Interpretations and Remedies to delight most types of practitioner - medical professional, acupuncturist, naturopath, dietician, homeopath, chiropractor, light therapist, and energetic healer. A complete list of Interpretations and Remedies can be found in the book, 

or here.

With the inclusion of Infrared, this brings full circle the work of Joe Scogna and takes SAF to the next level.

The fascinating case histories of people and animals -
"Thermography and Your Emotions" and "Joe Scogna, SAF and the Horse" offer fresh views of this method.  And yes, a horse CAN talk to humans.

The IR200 and the SAFOnline are awesome tools that work consistently in these challenging times. It is cutting-edge, non-invasive, and the results are often astounding. Whether it is pinpointing an emotional quirk or finding stressors in a person's life, "How did IT* know that about me?" is often heard. 
(*IT = Infrared Technology)

The simple answer: by taking readings at venting sites of organs and glands we can locate the HOT spots. When entered into the SAF system, a new world opens up of "hot" emotions, symptoms that tell us something we didn't know, perceptions, stresses, and issues that have been a pattern throughout life. These patterns originated in the past (we can find approximate ages of when these began) and are still running in the background, affecting us in the present time, as if we were still in the past.

SAF work can help us put the past IN the past where it belongs, so we are free to move forward in the present time and enjoy our future.

If you're curious about how infrared can help you find balance in your life and endeavors, download SAF Technology & Infrared Scans, when available.

And by the way, we have real books for sale, too! What a concept!
Stayed tuned.................................

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