Monday, October 6, 2014

Omni-Track Interpretation

Note to the Reader: This article refers to the Omni-Track Interpretation found in SAF Online. SAF Online is the SAF® system, in which the trained practitioner can interpret and read SAF® chains for clients. Its companion book is Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA. The Interpretation will not be understood without referencing the book. SAF® will not be understood without reading SAF Simplified. The companion book for SAF Online is The SAF Infrared Manual. See links below for purchasing books.
Background on Omni-Track. Omni means all; it includes all 128 perception tracks detailed in the companion book, Junk DNA.

Today's SAF Online System: The original Life Energy computing system and SAF® programs have been upgraded and are now the SAF Online System. The beauty of this online system is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a modern browser. The practitioner must create an SAF Online account in order to access this and 40 Interpretations:

What will I find in Omni-Track? With SAF chain work, a perception appears on the Omni-Track list because a Z Reaction has occurred. Z Reactions are hyper-sensitivities or allergies that make the client weaker and less aware of the present time circumstances. 

As mentioned in Junk DNA, Superman had his allergy to kryptonite, which sapped his energy and made him weak, and we have ours. What is your kryptonite? SAF® processing is a matter of finding our allergies, finding what is it that makes us weak, less aware, what is it that takes away or diminishes our perceptions?

Omni-Track includes the 128 Sensory Channels described fully in Junk DNA, perceptions such as sounds, colors, endocrine senses, magnetic reference, magnetic position, auras and energy fields, energy gyros (chakras), radiant energies, gravitation, mathematics, language, spirits and many more. If we are fully functioning humans, we are aware of all 128 perceptions as a part of our memory track. When recalling events that appear in our chains, these sensory channels are stimulated, ignited. We can read about these in Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of your DNA for greater understanding. For a complete list of the 128 sensing channels, see the Table of Contents at 

As a client, in working with Omni-Track, we must determine the significance of the items, what these mean to us. With personal SAF® processing, we make connections to the past and the major complaint, meditate or journal thoughts and occurrences - all  this will serve to de-sensitize the electrical energies and frequencies of these items. 

The end result is a more aware client; a client who has found lifetime patterns and has been able to compare past occurrences with present day events in order to release the energy and the hold those former events exerted over him or her. In other words, the more chains we work and the more stuck energy we release, this is how we become more aware of our perceptions and can increase our abilities on body, mind and spirit levels.

For a full understanding of SAF® chain work, for releasing emotions and identifying physical issues, it is recommended that the practitioner complete at least one level of SAF® training.

The SAF® method works because it follows certain laws of physics. Essential books can be purchased at the website or through If you are just getting started in your studies of SAF®, the best book is SAF Simplified: the Self Awareness Formulas.

Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of your DNA

The SAF Infrared Manual, a How-To book for using SAF Online with Questionnaires or Infrared.

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