Sunday, October 5, 2014

Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA

Finally! With a vibrant new title, streamlined cover, the hidden secrets of your DNA has been published!

It was originally titled "The Origins of Genetic Behavior" but something has happened since Joe Scogna wrote the book in 1985. Mainstream science has leaped into the field of DNA, making all sorts of discoveries, selling their wares at top dollar and funding still more research. What they are sharing has great uses - markers for diseases, inherited syndromes, medical histories, family lineage, and finding criminals. And crime scene analysis, with the many TV shows as testaments, has changed forever. In 2003, the Powers-That-Be declared they had coded ALL the DNA.

At first, it seemed Joe's ideas might have been eclipsed. Was it still valid? But in looking deeper, I realized they had only worked with 2% of the DNA, not 100%. Why?

They are focused on the physical aspects only. If they couldn't see it or SELL it, it had no value to them. Even Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the double helical structure declared the rest of the material was "little better than junk," some type of genetic gibberish. The name has stuck.

Deep inside we know the truth. There is no junk DNA. This book is truly a celebration of that hidden 98% not being examined in the lab. Along with The Promethion, it is the foundation for the Self Awareness Formulas, the SAF Method.

Here you will find the holistic DNA of humankind, the body, mind, and spirit aspects so vital to our survival over the past eons. If we needed it to survive in this planetary sector, it is in there. The genetic planning mechanism has seen to that.

We are products of planet Earth. What has occurred on the planet since the beginning of time with its geological transformations and eras, the gravitational, radiational and magnetic flows in the solar system, and the progression of creatures needing protection, all this has been left as tracings in our DNA. (For more on this, please read my Foreword, showcased at

The book includes an exciting seminar Joe gave, what we always called the Superman Seminar. No more hints than that; you will have to read it. :)

We all know we have 5 senses, but how about 128 Sensory Channels, awesome perceptions we could be using to make sense of our world? Psychics, clairvoyants and gifted people are in touch with many of these, but we all can learn to enhance our abilities. (see the Table of Contents for a complete list)

Understanding the then-emerging computer language, Joe described what he cleverly called the ROM and RAM in our DNA. The Read Only Memory is the hardwired fabric of the universe and cannot be changed by us. But the Random Access Memory is reachable and changeable. It holds in its crystals all the events in our lives and our ancestors lives, with those 128 sense perceptions. This is our own individuality.

As an added bonus, the reader will find interesting case details people have uncovered doing personal work. In the segment on the Allergy Connection, for example, we find programs that are very old indeed and are not useful to us today, and yet they are running in the background of our mind, directing us to act a certain way. When brought into the light so we can see them, their power over us is dissipated.

This book is timely and timeless. Even if you do not understand all it offers, just the fact that you have allowed the information IN, you are helping to uplift humanity.

There is harmony in this universe, harmony and balance are built in. All we need is the key to unlock its secrets. Here is your invitation to adventurously consider what other secrets of human insight and survival might be revealed if we knew the language.

This is the key, the code-breaking book, "Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA."

110 illustrations, Reader-Friendly. Soft cover, 282 pages. $29.95. Available at

For those using the SAF Online system, see the next blog for details on how to use the Omni-Track Interpretation with this book.


  1. This is a super book! The perception that was helpful to me was #31, magnetic reference to place, where do I belong. It is something that I've been unsure about my whole life because of moving to various places, so wow, there is a perception for me to work on some more.Makes sense to me!

    1. Thanks for your comments! Glad the book is proving helpful to you.