Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Metabolic Triples - new to SAF Online

The Metabolic Triples has now been computerized and streamlined to enhance SAF chain work.

Part of the original life energy research of Joseph Scogna, the metabolic information is a sub-routine of SAF Key work, and is used expressly for the purpose of finding the flow of organ and/or gland dysfunction, that is, the organic formula of the actual pattern of disease within each person. Remember, that SAF defines "disease" as a complication, a situation that is so complex it cannot be dissolved or released.

In his life energy investigations, Scogna defined the triple point function of electroplasmic entities, notably organs and glands. The science of this idea has descended from the understandings of electric principles handed down from the earliest mathematicians and philosophers - the Sumerians, the Chinese, Egyptians and the Greeks - and is the basis upon which the SAF method operates.

Communication between organ and gland systems is for the purpose of rectifying needs and abundances; it is the process necessary to maintain life. Harmonic, synchronized, laser-type messages are sent and received. This negative-positive process follows the Law of Comfortable Pressure and Space (See: The Promethion).

When organs and glands are stressed (there is a problem), we see this in an SAF chain of numbers. When two organ and gland system entities are communicating, as we see in a chain, we call these metabolic doubles. These doubles are expressing the need for change in the needs and abundances. (see Level 2 Training book: Organs and Glands: Connections and Breaks)

When three organ and gland system entities are communicating, we find a bending of the energy lines between them. These metabolic triples create a static force field that later develops into a diseased state, bringing it all into the third dimension, the physical realm. "Listen up!" Our organs and glands are attempting to tell us of an issue if we will only pay attention.

A practitioner recently wrote of her experience with the Triples. “The Metabolic Triples opened several doors for me, perception changes, as far as how my body is related to my emotions. The process showed me a hidden facet I had missed.

"My complaint was skin rash. I’d worked the chain for its emotional components and felt satisfied with the results. Then I thought I’d give the Metabolic Triples a whirl, see what it was all about.


"Heart and cardiovascular system causes infection and inflammation due to issues with the adrenal glands."

"Nothing about my complaint “skin rash” in this Triple, but let me tell you this hit it! I didn’t think skin rash was affecting me as intensely as it was, on so many different planes in the way that it was. Heart and love, colds and aggression and energy losses. Looking back through the entire chain, I was blown away by how my complaint came through the physical channels to the emotional and back to the physical. What a connection! What a revelation!”

Published in 1981 by Life Energy Publications, The Metabolic Triples was taught and sold to physicians and metabolic researchers. It was an unwieldy book of 870 pages (!), very expensive to print and to mail, but is now conveniently available through SAF Online, a cost effective service for SAFers.

Go to: www.LifeEnergyResearch.com, and create or access your account with SAFonline. You'll find Metabolic Triples Interpretation in the Level 2 access. Experiment with old and new chains and discover the hidden metabolic messages with this interpretation.