Friday, February 22, 2013

Two Recent Seminars in SoCal

First: We had an awesome gathering in Santa Monica on Friday, (Feb 15) organized by Dr. Vaughn Harada and crew. Dr Harada gave an update on the radiation from Japan and the overload of chemical frequencies, how these are affecting people, and what we can do. 

He had met Joe in 1982 or so, and was a protege, but has moved light years beyond where he was then! It was wonderful to see him again.

Dr Harada gave a terrific endorsement of Joe and his radiation studies and predictions in The Threat of the Poison Reign about all the chemicals from the sky, in the soil and the water that we are experiencing today. 

Then, he gave EQUALLY fine praise for the republished books - The Promethion, Threat of the Poison Reign and SAF Simplified ! Glowing words on the readability and use of SAF as a co-creation project for practitioners of all fields to help their patients and clients release old patterns and improve their lives.

I showed the new INFRARED device and had the books: "The Guide to SAF Online" and "SAF Technology (Infrared)" available, plus other books. 

We both told funny / enlightening stories about Joe. So much interest was generated that a workshop is being planned in the very near future. 

Second: On Saturday, 16th Feb, the Santa Barbara Seminar was terrific! Thanks to Dick Wulleart, nuclear engineer, for his knowledge of the original "The Promethion", which brought us all together! 

Bruce L Erickson found me on the web - we had spoken years ago and he was familiar with the old Promethion. What a pleasant surprise to view the updated publication! Bruce orchestrated this event, well-attended. It was held in the SHIFCO Community Center, a beautiful spot with a view of the Pacific. Bruce was a most gracious host.

This talk was an intro to SAF, interesting and uplifting stories about Joe and his airplane, using Infrared with the race horse, his multidimensional studies with a bit of alchemy tossed in for good measure, his books, and what these look like now. I was able to show a 15 minute DVD of Joe back in the day, then PowerPoints of chain work. We had time to work on 2 chains, one from a questionnaire and one from Infrared, displaying SAF Online on a big screen. Again, much interest was generated for a workshop.

Two workshops are now in the planning stage!

My thanks and appreciation to Dr Harada and Bruce L. Erickson, Dick Wulleart, and all who attended and made this possible.
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