Saturday, December 28, 2013

A New Year's Present to You

Winter is the season noted for giving. Presents! Love! Food! We attend family gatherings, outside festivals and places of worship to celebrate the change in light, to celebrate the end of one year and the start of another.

This helps to brighten our shortest days and longest darkest nights - we look forward to the return of the sun, the dawning of a new year and all the promise it holds.

In that spirit of giving, on January 1st, the dawning of a new year, I will be adding 30 free days to your SAF Online account.

If you already have an active account, look for those extra days. If you need to complete your account, please do so, then look for those 30 days. If you've thought about starting an account but haven't yet, do so now, and then look for those 30 free days.

All accounts in place by January 1 will be given the free 30 days of use.

Your SAF Online account will help you with:
1. Chain Creation, with 3 questionnaires and/or INFRARED.

2. Chain Interpretations. Those trained in SAF techniques will find this is tabulated automatically and presented in easy to read Charts. You'll find ages of traumas and emotional events, Lead, Core and Anchor, and important syndromes.

3. Remedies for the Chain. This section was not taught in early SAF training classes but is simple to learn. Based on the up-links in the chain, certain items are chosen for their resonance to the chain. Many are self explanatory, especially as they apply to your own profession. For others, you will find books on the website that further define them, see list below and "The Guide to SAF Online".
The Interpretation and Remedy groups are:
  • SAF Up-Links (self explanatory, SAF Training, Level 2)
  • Stress Up-links(self explanatory, "SAF Simplified" book, SAF Training, Level 1)
  • Operative Words and Age of trauma (SAF Training, Level I)
  • Acu-track (acupuncture /acupressure points and meridians)
  • Alchem-184(single formula homeopathics, see "Homeopathic Self Appraisal Index" book)
  • Amino Acids (see "Amino Acids: A Nutritional Guide" book)
  • Antidote1
  • BusinessPro
  • Chinese Herbs (5 categories: Bland, Chilly, Mildly Chilly, Hot, Warm) 
  • Color Coordinator (using color to help balance the chain)
  • Culinary Herbs 
  • Delete Drugs
  • Emotion Hazards
  • Environmentals (sensitivities)
  • Essential Oils
  • Healer's Rescue (for those who touch people in their line of work, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and even distance healing)
  • Herb CR08
  • Herbal Treatment (for a Master Herbalist)
  • Herbs Scan 46 
  • Juice
  • Mass Energy Imbalance
  • Metabolic Triples
  • Metagenics (company products)
  • Millennium Detox (sensitivities, allergies)
  • Modality Sorter (see: "SAF Modality Sorter" book)
  • Mood (flower essences, mostly Bach, with homeopathics)
  • Problems Worries Upsets
  • Remedy Blue 82(compound homeopathic formulas, see "Homeopathy Revisited" book)
  • Remedy Orange(sensitivities, allergies. See,"Remedy Orange" book)
  • Remedy Red Expanded (homeopathic glandulars plus)
  • Run Escape (when you are at the end of your rope!)
  • Vita Coordinator
Expand your Horizons! During the 30 free days, feel free to experiment with Remedy groups with which you may be unfamiliar.  Now is a good time to order books you may need, and if you haven't already purchased the IR200 Infrared, wow, you are missing out on a fast and dynamic way to create a chain.

Isn't it nice to know that as the sun is increasing in light and strength, you'll be adding to your own light and awareness (your toolbox) so you can help your clients increase their awareness and sense of well-being?
As your clients experience their "A-HAs" and the release/relief that follows, you'll be sharing and experiencing that as well.


Enjoy your gift. If you need help or have questions, please contact us.  or

Friday, December 20, 2013

SPAM and Free e-Books at Amazon

Sorry, folks, the powers-that-be decided my email address was SPAM so many of you did not get a note from me about these free books. Now I know SPAM, it is that meat-like substance that comes in a can. We did some target practice with one of those cans of SPAM and my email address looks nothing like it.

I do not buy lists of people. I send emails to those who have written to me at one point or another. So if you get an email from me, be assured you and I have been in communication in the past.

How to find the free books. Go to:
The three books available are:
Homeopathy Revisited
What Your Blood Tells You
Interview with Joe Scogna 1982

The downloadable books are free until end of Dec 21. These will work for Kindle, your computer, smart phones or other devices; Amazon even has an APP for downloading in case you need it. They think of everything, don't they?

Personally, e-books are not as pretty as a print version but I hear that it is the information peeps want, not the prettiness of a book.

To give you an update, I'm working on another downloadable book for Amazon, "SAF Technology & Infrared Scans". Should be up any day. Free for a few days. So keep watching. If you "LIKE" Life Energy Publications on Facebook, you will get immediate notices.
Honest to goodness, the books are free to download, until the end of Dec 21. Only ONE day left!

Promo for the new e-book - SAF Technology & Infrared Scans
Can a horse talk to us? Yes, just as easily as our symptoms are messages meant to alert us. This is possible with SAF Technology and its use of infrared.

What is INFRARED? This book explains the infrared band of energy, its history, and as utilized in SAF for creating chains. It is an informative and interesting book just by itself, but includes details for operating the IR200 device and charts of the Gravinometric Face Points (venting sites), an integral part of the Self Awareness Formulas.

Several articles in the book explain why and how infrared is used to read energy patterns and how that melds with SAF. There are also articles / interviews with Joe, back in the day. 

Utilized in conjunction with the SAF online system, it is available to anyone around the world, who has access to the Internet. The system is cost effective so practitioners, researchers and students can afford it. SAF Online offers Interpretations and Remedies to delight most types of practitioner - medical professional, acupuncturist, naturopath, dietician, homeopath, chiropractor, light therapist, and energetic healer. A complete list of Interpretations and Remedies can be found in the book, 

or here.

With the inclusion of Infrared, this brings full circle the work of Joe Scogna and takes SAF to the next level.

The fascinating case histories of people and animals -
"Thermography and Your Emotions" and "Joe Scogna, SAF and the Horse" offer fresh views of this method.  And yes, a horse CAN talk to humans.

The IR200 and the SAFOnline are awesome tools that work consistently in these challenging times. It is cutting-edge, non-invasive, and the results are often astounding. Whether it is pinpointing an emotional quirk or finding stressors in a person's life, "How did IT* know that about me?" is often heard. 
(*IT = Infrared Technology)

The simple answer: by taking readings at venting sites of organs and glands we can locate the HOT spots. When entered into the SAF system, a new world opens up of "hot" emotions, symptoms that tell us something we didn't know, perceptions, stresses, and issues that have been a pattern throughout life. These patterns originated in the past (we can find approximate ages of when these began) and are still running in the background, affecting us in the present time, as if we were still in the past.

SAF work can help us put the past IN the past where it belongs, so we are free to move forward in the present time and enjoy our future.

If you're curious about how infrared can help you find balance in your life and endeavors, download SAF Technology & Infrared Scans, when available.

And by the way, we have real books for sale, too! What a concept!
Stayed tuned.................................

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ancient Alchemists & The Promethion - Connections!
(SEE below for a special price, until Jan 1, 2014.)

Believe me, The Promethion has had legs; it is currently on bookshelves in 25 or 26 different countries. It is a foundational text used by every sound energy group, dowsers, frequency and energetic healing enclaves that I've run across, world-wide. It is in the hands of physicists, cymatics, artists, sculptors, and Chinese and Asian medical practitioners alike.

Why? It contains the elements of the Periodic Table, the discoveries and tabulations of which began with the ancient alchemists and are continued today by modern researchers, scientists and physicists. That Table of minerals and elements and gasses contains and defines every speck of energy on planet Earth and beyond. As above, so below. As in the macro, so in the micro. As in the air and dirt and water, so in the human being. WE are a product of planet Earth.

Remember: In the past, there was the time-tested and brilliance of Natural Philosophy, which encompassed a holistic view (body, mind and spirit) of nature and humankind. Illness, to the great minds of this philosophy practiced in all parts of the globe, was seen as a series of symptoms, brought on by an imbalance of some sort. Find the imbalance and the symptoms ("disease") disappeared.

Enter the microscope in the 1590s: the formerly invisible became visible and a new world opened up. As later microscopes were developed, a schism occurred in Natural Philosophy: science and medicine followed a fork in the road to embrace ONLY what was visible, even though this comprises a mere 1% of reality. Forever after, knowledge had to be SEEN for it to be true. "Seeing" and diagnosing is now relegated to the doctor and the lab technician with the microscope and the x-ray machine.

During that division, and ever since, philosophy and spirituality were left to deal with the "invisible natures" and in the process, we lost our ability to intuitively know and understand life and explore our holistic selves. With that schism, we lost our capacity to understand the invisible, which makes up 99% of reality! 

Lest you think the ancient alchemists didn't know much, among so many discoveries, they defined the atom, even though it wouldn't be "found" or "seen" for another 2,000 years! Atomism means “not dividable”; it was written down in both ancient India (600 BC) and Greece (450 BC).

History on Word Origins:
Physics” was not used until well into the 1800s, so when you read: “Democritus, the physicist (460 BC),” be assured he was an alchemist of Natural Philosophy.

The origins of “science” and “scientist”, coined by William Whewell is dated in the Oxford English dictionary as being created in 1834; before that, the terms science and scientist had no meaning. Scientist was used as a sort of joke.
Back to The Promethion! Hydrogen is found in the First and second Octaves, at Levels 1-16

(excerpt from The Promethion):
Hydrogen: In modern times, hydrogen was first called “inflammable air” by Henry Cavendish in 1766. Cavendish was an eccentric fellow who postulated many of the advanced electrical phenomena of Faraday and Coulomb long before these phenomena were discovered. The exact pressure levels of hydrogen, protium, deuterium and tritium were later fully understood in the 1930s during research that led to the manufacture of the A-bomb and thermonuclear devices.

In The Promethion, Joe Scogna reunites physical alchemy (chemistry) with the spiritual alchemy of the ancients, bringing together again, those two divergent pathways. And he does so almost poetically. In history and personality of each element, it is evident Joe tapped into secret and long-forgotten information of the ancient alchemists.

(excerpt): There are many theories on the evolution of these teachings, but none satisfy scientific thought. Be that as it may, the philosophers of former times knew about or theorized the precise movements of matter so tiny that one needs an electron microscope with which to view them.

Ancient teachings symbolize the development of hydrogen by telling a story of the birth, growth and struggle of the element. The action of hydrogen particles waxing and waning between positive and negative states was observed traditionally as the see-saw exchange of power between male and female principles in the Book of Changes (I Ching) and other philosophies.

The first appearance of matter (Life Energy) out of the void, the first pressure level, was appropriately titled CREATION. It is this creative thrust that supersedes desire, want or will of the spirit; this creative thrust guides Life Energy into the visible shape and form.”

Hydrogen has 16 different levels, each with its own story, to include Reception, Infant, Experience, The Joining, The Organization of Chaos, and more.

At Level 56h, we find Gold (Au). This level is titled: HARMONIC LIGHT to denote the stage of perfect power needed to rule the baser, heavier conditions of the physical universe. Gold will always rule lead, as long as man recognizes his own true greatness and the wisdom of Supreme Intelligence.

Gold is the medium by which the spirit balances its own vital forces. When a body is in perfect condition, the element gold reigns supreme. When the body is in poor condition and out of balance, heavy metals move in to replace it.

Making gold was not an imaginary trifle to ancient alchemists. The idea of transmutating baser elements into gold was an idea copied from the process that occurred in their own bodies. The impetus for gold production in the body is balance.

The triumph of good over evil is constantly played out through gold-lead balances. The victory of good over evil is assured, for gold is the radiant display of the thoughts and desires of the Supreme Being. It is an example for everyone to follow.

The pure harmony granted by gold is the goodness descended from God; and all those partaking wholly of this evidence themselves, will become god-like to that degree.

Haloes and Auras There is an interesting note about gold: Haloes and auras around the body are of many different colors and forms. You may have seen cameras that are purported to take a photo of an aura.

All the elements emit a color. Auras can be read only with spectrographic analysis equipment, to determine which of the elements (identified by their color) are charged in those areas.

However, gold does not belong in this spectrum and will not appear.

The color gold is a special combination of electric pressure and physical matter. A golden aura is only perceived by those who have an acute talent and power to observe it. It is not by any mistake that those believed to be spiritually above the common man and considered saints are pictured with a golden halo.

The Promethion is an outstanding book! It is a hardcover text, heavily illustrated and makes the Periodic Table come alive as never before. Joe writes from an energy perspective that will change forever the reader's viewpoint about existence.

Special Price: Until the end of December 2013, midnight to be exact, the special price of $60 will continue (USA only, $75 foreign). Because it is not listed on the website at this low price, you must send that amount through PayPal to kmscogna at, with a note and address where it will be sent.

The gift of knowledge - Start your New Year off right!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Adventures with Infrared and a Cat Scan

KMS: This was submitted by Nancy B. Porter, DN, LISW. Nancy has been using SAF for a number of years. It has been invaluable to help the emotional aspects of the healing of herself and her husband after a terrible and devastating collision with a truck. The infrared is a recent addition to her work as they both continue to heal and help themselves and others in the process.

NBP: I can say that everyone who has ‘undergone’ the infrared process is blown away. They invariably want to know: “How does ‘IT’ (the infrared thermometer) know about me”? When I tell them that it “reads” hot and cold pressure points representing organs and glands, and a little bit about how SAF works, they’re still in awe.

I love infrared because it bypasses one's defenses and gets right to the heart of the matter.....or the spleen.... or the colon. It is simple to use and reliable. There is no way to try and affect the chain outcome so these will be "good" ones or a better sounding chain.

After doing lots of Infrared readings on myself, the thing that astounds me still is how it reads the "immediacy" of the person. For instance, I had dental x-rays one morning and IT knew this - the chain spoke about x-ray radiation to the thalamus. IT reads everything, and while some numbers stay static, representing chronic issues, it also picks up the new stuff day to day. Or probably minute to minute if I were to monitor it that often.

The Infrared also seems very "Official" to people. It just occurred to me that a couple of clients were spooked about how much IT knew, because they thought no one would know their secrets....secrets that they had been feasting on..... sugars.....and starches.

I recently did an Infrared scan on Chuck, my cat, and the results were really funny. And so very true! I used several of the SAF Online Interpretations and Remedies.

Stress Up-Links: Chuck hates his sister, Tux, and had a 1-8 up-link (using energy in a negative way to hurt self or others.) He's always chasing her off the deck and then getting beat up afterward.

Remedy Orange: Chuck is sensitive to Insect Mix, but he goes on eating them anyway. (We humans tend to ingest items that are bad for us, too and we are addicted to things that are harmful.) 

He also needs an expectorant (for hairballs), and has an imbalance from arguing with someone (his sister).

One of his Emotion Hazards was "feels useless", which we assume is because he tends to do nothing
but lie around all day.

But my favorite item was in the Millennium Detox. Chuck needs to detox from polluted water.
His favorite thing in the whole world is "found water" - puddles, rain spouts, and even if it comes out of a cesspool.

Amazing! How does SAF know this?

KMS: LOVE the cat story! Can I use it? Proper credit, of course! 

NBP: Chuck would be honored to work with the SAF team!   
I had a heckuva time getting the scan because it made him mad when he was trying to nap, but once I got it, I laughed (#20), real belly laughs.  I remember Joseph saying that this kind of laugh discharges a lot of electricity and cats are great for that.

KMS: Thanks, Nancy. 
To the readers, I bet when you saw the title of this blog you were thinking, who had a CAT scan, what is going on?  LOL
I love to hear from practitioners - their successes, how their clients are doing (SAF is all about the clients' progress), and if there are any questions about SAF or Infrared.  It is gratifying that practitioners from "back in the day" are now working with the NEW Infrared. So write me!

The INFRARED and SAF chainwork are amazing tools for practitioners. Find out how you can implement these in your practice. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Every Kiss Begins with Kay" (said singingly), from an ad for Kay Jewelers

Dr. WWG emailed me this question recently.  

WWG: “I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night, more kisses begin with Miller Lite than Kay jewelry, a diamond or other gemstone. What do you think?” 

KMS: This is SO TRUE. 
But why is this so? In one of Joe Scogna’s first lectures to medical doctors and chiropractors, he spoke about the role of the pineal gland, which differed substantially with accepted knowledge.

Forget what the medical texts say about it:
     Pineal body, from pinea: shaped like a small pine cone. A gland-like structure situated over the brain stem and which appears to be a vestigial remnant of a functioning endocrine gland in other animals. It has no known function in man, although Descartes (mathematician and philosopher 1596-1650) thought it to be the seat of the soul. The pineal has a role in pigmentation in some species; calcium deposition in the pineal makes it a useful marker of mid-line in skull x-rays.” 
--"Dorland's Medical Dictionary"; and "Concise Encyclopedia of the Sciences"

In contrast to the above medical view, Scogna called the pineal our future gland, the future gland of mankind. It influences our wake-sleep patterns, seasonal light, and sexual maturation and sexual activity, and goes into action when the body is ill or its survival is threatened. It is considered the mind's eye or the "third eye" in some philosophies.

Miller Lite is a drug (alcohol), a poison and against life. The pineal gland makes a decision: the DRINKER has been poisoned and is actively dying! The pineal then goes into hyper-drive  scanning the horizon for a suitable mate, to procreate, to produce a new life form (a child). All so that the human race will continue.

A glass or two of Miller Lite, spotting a likely candidate of the opposite sex at the bar (sorry to burst your bubble, any one will do....), and the next thing you know, in the sack they are, kissing and beyond.

Purely stimulus (beer) and survival response (sex).

How does the pineal operate?

In several books, Joe Scogna defines the pineal. This gland, along with the thalamus, hypothalamus and the pituitary, are considered to be primitive brains, precursors of electromagnetic energy, which communicate to the rest of the body in coded radio frequencies. The pineal gland is able to track other energies at great distances in a 360-degree circumference as it scans the horizons for a suitable mate, per above.

So, take heed. If you are looking to become more spiritually aware, this is the gland you want to have functioning. It is essential to watch what frequencies you put in your body!

In the language of SAF, the number assigned to the pineal gland is 15, a part of the hypothalamus and the senses. In an SAF chain, when a 15-21 combination appears (Hypothalamus/the Senses plus Posterior Pituitary), this indicates that an alert study of the pineal is in order. 

To find your stressed organs and glands, take the free Stress-120 Questionnaire at

Have your chain evaluated by an SAF practitioner (the best way!)and discover your own stimulus-response mechanisms. You can also read SAF Simplified. This book contains the numbering system of the SAF method, all the organ and gland information and the related emotions and functions of each system. 

Books that define the pineal gland and its workings: The SAF Key, The Promethion and The Origins of Genetic Behavior (due to be published later this year).

Monday, August 26, 2013

Traumas and a Turkish Proverb

You'll read a lot about "traumas" in SAF books, books geared toward increasing our self awareness.....ah, excuse me, but WHY do I have to look at my traumas?

"Those traumas are in the past - let sleeping dogs lie."
"Move forward; don't look back."
"I have no memories of my past."
"It is better not to awaken the dragon, whatever it might be, lurking there in the darkness....."

Psychiatry defines trauma as "a severe emotional shock having a deep, almost lasting effect upon the personality." Sounds ominous enough, doesn't it?

Of course, there are degrees to a traumatic event. In SAF, we have a more general definition in that the trauma, the emotional event from our past, doesn't have to be earth shattering, and yet will still have a lasting effect on us. It is running there in the background, just beyond our mental grasp.

An old Turkish proverb states: 
"He burned his tongue on the soup, and now he always blows on the yoghurt."

This is an example of a traumatic event, burning the tongue, and the resulting action that was deemed important enough to be written down for all time. Even though in the present time, it doesn't make sense to blow on cool yoghurt, the record running in the background demands it! It has become a part of the DNA of the person with the burned tongue.

What events in your past are coded into your DNA and directing you to act a certain way?

Much of our own actions today stem from small and large events in our past. Small events from an adult's eye can be huge in the world and perspective of a child, which we once were.

Now that you are an adult, do you still want to blow on cool yoghurt?

This is a time for discovery and SAF can help you get there.

The Stress 120 Questionnaire will help you to prioritize the events and stresses in your life, and put these into perspective.

The chain of numbers it produces are the key you need to unlock the secrets of your past.

An SAF practitioner can interpret your chain, find those past events AND the ages at which these occurred.
As you will find out, working on your SAF chain is an enlightening experience!

The Stress-120 Questionnaire is available on the website, free of charge.

Find an SAF practitioner. Most sessions are completed over the telephone. The SAF Infrared is an in-office device that can quickly create a chain.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Gift from SAF Chain Work

There is a great advantage and a wonderful gift with SAF work that I should mention.

As the CLIENT is making connections between the past and the present, and having gains in releasing old emotions and stuck energy, I, as the practitioner, am a witness to these revelations and at the same time, I make my own connections from the client’s gains! It is empowering for both.

SAF practitioners who have experienced this are thankful to their clients and express their appreciation.

There is a similar occurrence with massage therapy, as a therapist understands. In a massage, the kneading and manipulation of muscle and tissue and release feels TERRIFIC to the client, but at the same time is meditative and relaxing for the therapist, to just go with the flow and shifts of energy.

As a client, I can always tell when the Massage Therapist is having problems in life because the energy is different coming TO me. It makes me on guard and the touch and release overall is less enjoyable.

SAF Chain Work
An important SAF Up-Link is 15-17/18: Healer’s Syndrome; absorbing the energy of another. This is common in the chains of massage therapists, chiropractors and others who touch people in their line of work, including distance healers (touch of client’s space and energy field from a distance). This up-link suggests the therapist has picked up reminders from others, reminders of their own issues.

What does this mean in the language of SAF? 
15 - Hypothalamus and the Senses (this is how we sense our world, how we take in energy and ideas) Evaluation and Attention
17/18 = Endocrine or hormone system (this is how we maintain balance..... or not) Equalize and Conservative

Have you had a 15-17/18 in a recent chain? 
Work with this up-link and check out the Interpretation called Healer's Rescue, found at Online.

Words to the Wise:
  • Make sure you stay on top of your own personal emotional release work
  • Keep your energy field and space clear and clean

SAF chain work can help you with this.

Sign up for the SAF Road Map, Level 1 Training and learn how to help yourself and your clients.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Declare this Your Independence Day!

From the Internet comes this little bit of Wisdom:  

“You are not responsible for the programming you picked in childhood.
However, as an adult, you are 100% responsible for fixing it.” 

Childhood programming was picked for you, a "present". Often NOT a good or happy one; in many cases might not be called a present at all! But as an adult, we need to look again at our past and those circumstances and YES, make changes as we can. 

We can't change the events that happened - this was real, concrete, but we CAN change how we view it, we can understand how it affects us still, and with that understanding of the truth, we are set free from it. Our past, then, can become a blessing in disguise. 

That is our responsibility - to become aware, to bring past events to a conscious level into the light of day.  There might be some heavy-duty bad traumas that are brought to mind again so we can put two and two together for understanding, but there are also insignificant-seeming events that have affected our life, as well as "inherited" events and behaviors in our parents and forebears' lives. For examples of SAF chain work, see the SAF Case Studies on the website:

The best way I know to fix broken programming and glitches is with SAF work! 
Why not declare today, July 4th, YOUR personal Independence Day. Find a practitioner and get started. 
The rest of your life is waiting for you. 

The new INFRARED and SAF Work

You've read in SAF books about using an Infrared device to create a chain. We have updated the former very expensive model with a new device. It rapidly produces results, makes timely use of the practitioner's time (can be operated by an associate), is cost effective, can be used on various computers anywhere in the world - in a word, it is FABULOUS

In our SAF holistic evaluations, we use infrared to take temperatures at certain venting sites on the body, sites where organs and glands vent their heat. This information is tabulated to create a chain of numbers that tells us which organs and glands (and emotions!) are stressed.

excerpt from "SAF Technology & Infrared Scans":
Working in the long wavelength band of infrared (thermal emissions), Joe Scogna found that pressure and heat were stratified pockets of energy, condensed to such a degree that they formed what is called in physics, Black Body Mass (BBM). These BBMs could be split further into positively charged (male) or negatively charged (female) BBMs. 
The emotions, coined by Scogna the (e)lectric motions, or energy movements within the molecular structure of the body, lend themselves quite handily to this same analysis by infrared detectors.

Hot Emotions
The “hot” emotions or pressures, such as anger, grief, and resentment, accumulate with replays over time, until they are visible with infrared detectors as black body masses. These emotions are disruptive and create havoc in an individual’s body and life. Someone who is out of harmony with his own system (on spirit, mind, and body levels) breeds trouble for himself as his own health risks increase.

The only way to observe or detect the black body mass of hidden, unwanted energies and emotions is by utilizing the channel of the BBM itself— the brain and the mind— which seem to have brought these into being in the first place!
An acupuncturist, or one schooled in Traditional Chinese or Asian Medicine, understands the hot or stuck energy as blocked chi; and where it is flowing too fast, this practitioner knows to slow it down.
It is easy to use, non-invasive, and portable so you can scan your child and even your pet!

     "Joseph Scogna's use of infrared to catalog the venting sites of the nervous system is a monumental leap forward in the evaluation of human physiology, psychology, and spirituality. He has given us a unified approach to our holistic health status - past, present and future."
John Abdo, ND, Ph.D. 

Purchase as a Package: $137.95 (includes Priority shipping)
IR200 Infrared device ($100)
SAF Technology & Infrared Scans ($15) to read more about the SAF use of Infrared
The Guide to SAF Online ($10) explains the online service, which offers chain interpretations and remedies 
NOTE: after August 1st, the price will increase to $187.95.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Two Recent Seminars in SoCal

First: We had an awesome gathering in Santa Monica on Friday, (Feb 15) organized by Dr. Vaughn Harada and crew. Dr Harada gave an update on the radiation from Japan and the overload of chemical frequencies, how these are affecting people, and what we can do. 

He had met Joe in 1982 or so, and was a protege, but has moved light years beyond where he was then! It was wonderful to see him again.

Dr Harada gave a terrific endorsement of Joe and his radiation studies and predictions in The Threat of the Poison Reign about all the chemicals from the sky, in the soil and the water that we are experiencing today. 

Then, he gave EQUALLY fine praise for the republished books - The Promethion, Threat of the Poison Reign and SAF Simplified ! Glowing words on the readability and use of SAF as a co-creation project for practitioners of all fields to help their patients and clients release old patterns and improve their lives.

I showed the new INFRARED device and had the books: "The Guide to SAF Online" and "SAF Technology (Infrared)" available, plus other books. 

We both told funny / enlightening stories about Joe. So much interest was generated that a workshop is being planned in the very near future. 

Second: On Saturday, 16th Feb, the Santa Barbara Seminar was terrific! Thanks to Dick Wulleart, nuclear engineer, for his knowledge of the original "The Promethion", which brought us all together! 

Bruce L Erickson found me on the web - we had spoken years ago and he was familiar with the old Promethion. What a pleasant surprise to view the updated publication! Bruce orchestrated this event, well-attended. It was held in the SHIFCO Community Center, a beautiful spot with a view of the Pacific. Bruce was a most gracious host.

This talk was an intro to SAF, interesting and uplifting stories about Joe and his airplane, using Infrared with the race horse, his multidimensional studies with a bit of alchemy tossed in for good measure, his books, and what these look like now. I was able to show a 15 minute DVD of Joe back in the day, then PowerPoints of chain work. We had time to work on 2 chains, one from a questionnaire and one from Infrared, displaying SAF Online on a big screen. Again, much interest was generated for a workshop.

Two workshops are now in the planning stage!

My thanks and appreciation to Dr Harada and Bruce L. Erickson, Dick Wulleart, and all who attended and made this possible.
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