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Life Energy Monitor: Life Energy and Human Electricity!

Life Energy Monitor: Life Energy and Human Electricity!

Life Energy and Human Electricity!

It was 1984.

Joe Scogna was pulling together information on the energy flows of the human system and experimenting with his Infrared sensing device, affectionately called the Infrared Gun. He had used the Infrared to find the venting sites, as he called them, sites where energy of various organs and glands released their heat.

Several chiropractors were assisting him in this venture with their patients. Many in that profession understood the idea of electric flows, seen by them most often when the flow was NOT flowing. Where heat built up, there needed to be release. Joe would travel to their offices and help to detect hot spots. "Have Gun, Will Travel" Joe often joked. These chiropractors were not the standard "back crackers" but the leaders of what is known today as energetic healing. Being in tune with the flow of energy, or lack of energy around, in and through the human system.

So, how does electricity relate to a human being? Inventors and manufacturers have for a long time copied schematics, blueprints and diagrams from the human body's own mechanisms for their inventions. And so it is that many of the laws that apply to electric current, movement of energy, and storage of energy will apply to and perhaps came directly from the human system.
Joe discovered a major difference between electricity and human electricity. While the standard measure of electron transfer causes the precipitation of 1.118 mg of silver (standardized internationally), the human body measures electricity in precipitates of calcium.

This is a necessary function for the detoxification of the body, which is a constant endeavor. At all times, the body, with its elements and systems, efforts to balance itself. Without detoxification, the analyzation of what is right and what is wrong will be disturbed. If this electric potential is disturbed, if there are circuit overloads and breakdowns, the individual may mirror odd, even criminal, antisocial behavior. Once found and corrected, the person would resume normal behavior.

The trick was to develop and use sensing devices that could find the erroneous electrical buildups and faulty electric pressure. Joe Scogna worked tirelessly to spread the word about his Infrared Sensitizer and how it could be used to find and correct troubled areas and people.

"Project Isis: The Fundamentals of Human Electricity" explains all the aspects of energy a person may encounter in daily life.

Joe Scogna's 12 Axioms of Human Energy are found on these pages - The creation of energy, creation of a mental image picture, how we store energy; complete explanations and formulas for all 12.

Why Isis? I'm often asked. The most revered of the Egyptian goddesses, Isis was worshiped as a healer with hundreds of herbal formulations and remedies to her name. By 2000 B.C., temples to this universal mother dotted the civilized world.

Images portray Isis wearing a solar disk crown, by which she acquired Energy from above. She often holds the ankh seen as the key of Life; she herself represents eternal life, the true nature of Spirit. As a giver of life and healer, Isis sang special frequencies, words of power, and used her wings to fan Life Energy into Osiris, her husband, raising him from the dead.
Isis used her acquired Energy and knowledge to help those in need.

As Joe wrote: "The creation of Power and Energy is the prime directive of the entire universe, for we cannot exist in such a place without producing power."

There is enough science in this book to satisfy a researcher and yet it is understandable for the inquisitive student of life. Those who work in energetic healing, with pendulums, biofeedback, electric meters, Wheatstone Bridge, will appreciate the background information sorely lacking from their own texts.

Project Isis: The Fundamentals of Human Electricity is available from *Special thanks to Nicholas Scogna for his painting, ISIS - the Story of Creation, which gives this cover its vibrancy.*