Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nutrionics and Healing of the Future

A report submitted by Nancy Porter, D.N., LISW, SAF Practitioner


Nutrionics brings to mind a daydream of mine that Joseph Scogna is a medical doctor in my town. He understands the profound connection between electromagnetic energies, their corresponding impact upon emotion, and in turn, the impact which emotion holds over an organism's state of health and well-being. He is able to pinpoint what's wrong way before symptoms turn into full-blown pathologies. Perhaps even more importantly, he helps us all to take command of our own health and happiness issues rather than reluctantly turning ourselves over to “health professionals.”

Because of this work, I now see illness as the incidence of jammed-up energy flow, and I am aware of an essential interconnectedness between me, my state of health and my thoughts and emotions, not to mention what I take in from the outside, both organically and inorganically.

Joseph Scogna illustrates that our emotions are actually electric, and that the entire organismic creature is inherently altered by electronic stress and electronic frequencies. He seemed to know, decades ahead of time, where science and technology were going, and the burgeoning deleterious effect that this evolution could bring to living beings.

As I read about the 22 elements (11 elemental pairs) and their relationship to electromagnetic energy, some with positive and some with negative charges, I began to wonder what happens to us when we ingest nutritional supplements not matched up with their respective elemental partner. Taking supplements began to appear much more complicated than I had previously thought. Never mind, though, because Scogna guides us towards achieving balance through the use of synergistic vs. anti-synergistic elements, foods, and glandulars in this treatise of “bionic nutrition” and energy observation and management.

I especially appreciate the section on Organs and Glands, as the author's simple explanations of organic and glandular function makes it easy to see the inter-play of each and the interrelatedness of everything, for that matter.

In this book, we are taken on a journey of Life Energy Flow and Pattern. This is why I wish Scogna had been a medical doctor. I desperately wish I could find a physician who did not make me feel like I was a herniated disc or a hyper-acidic esophagus or a creature missing a thyroid, but instead a wondrously made, inter-connected Spirit with a vibrational frequency all my own, with the propensity for an exaltation of flow given advantageous elements and thoughts, etc.

Because this flow, in actuality, is subject to external stress/radiation, Scogna was visionary enough to not only see the wondrousness of how we are made, but how supra-wondrously we would have to learn to co-exist in an increasingly toxic and complicated world. If you know of Scogna, you cannot help but think of him constantly with respect to the Japanese/Universal ordeal we are all witnessing today. How did he know? Why did he care? I don't know, but I am grateful that he did.

Nancy Porter is currently studying SAF Training Level 2 through the Life Energy Institute, where the focus is on teaching with the materials used by Joe Scogna in his own classes and seminars.

The BIONIC NUTRITION to which Nancy refers, how to achieve balance in life with elements, foods, energy flows and the frequencies of thousands of every day items and events, are an integral part of the Life Energy Research Computer System, now available as an online service - SAF Online. The SAF chain is our KEY to understanding and balance. We just need to turn the key (use it) to unlock and find the answers. SAF is our healing of the future.

Nutrionics and SAF Online can be purchased at www.LifeEnergyResearch.com

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Q-24 is here!

Now there's a shorter SAF Questionnaire that will quickly deliver an accurate chain, the Q-24!

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The chain still reveals what organs and glands are stressed, and what emotional traumas from the past are actively directing present day behavior. You may even find more Up-Links to discuss with your clients.

Louise Hay: "This system will blow your mind! It is light years ahead of any other form of therapy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to release old patterns."

This is the original Life Energy Research Computer System that Louise Hay raves about. But instead of paying upwards of $35,000 for a system (1988 prices), you can now access its information online for as little as $5 a day. Even more cost effective yearly rates are available.

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Teach your clients to disconnect from emotional traumas and help them discover new-found vitality. The Q-24 offers a fresh new approach to chain creation.

The Q-24 speeds the intake time. Practitioners and students: The Q-24 is dynamite; its brevity will make you smile. In just a few minutes, chain data will be sent to your account, ready to be evaluated and worked. With SAF Online Level 2, both Stress and SAF Up-links can be viewed at once.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

When wearing an amulet just isn’t enough, protect yourself with knowledge.

Our hearts and minds are with the people of Japan today. Watching the terrible destruction in Japan, we realize how small and insignificant we humans can be when faced with the mighty forces of the natural world. Earthquakes, tsunami and damaged nuclear power plants, with the release of cesium…..

What is cesium?? If you want to brush up on your knowledge of radioactive elements and how these can affect you, look no further than “The Threat of the Poison Reign” and “The Promethion”. These fit in the category of vibrational medicine. Both are available from Life Energy Publications.

“It is very rare to find anyone who is completely clean of amounts of strontium-90 in the breast and bones, cesium-137 in the muscles, krypton-80 and eight other radioactive nuclides in the ovaries and testes.” – Joseph Scogna (The Threat of the Poison Reign)

“The Threat of the Poison Reign” explains radiant materials in reader-friendly terms, includes a questionnaire for raising awareness about stressed organs and glands and describes in detail the Radiation Detox Program, with the Radiation Cocktail of foods and nutrients to build up the body’s protection.

$19.95 + $6 shipping (USA).

“The Promethion: A comprehensive study of the principles of life energy” is a hardcover text, heavily illustrated. The curious reader, those in the energetic healing arts, light or sound therapy, acupuncture, or homeopathy will find this reference most valuable.

"My research in sound wave energy is based on The Promethion." Nicole LaVoie, from Return to Harmony.

Scogna defines the energy field, and how this can be manipulated and unbalanced by contact and impact with radiant waves of energy, such as radiation, microwave, cell phones and other frequencies of our modern life.

All the elements of the periodic table are presented from an energetic view. Especially important is the pairing of elements for balance, information found nowhere else. Foods, herbs, and other life forms, pressure points and colors are suggested for bringing about balance.

Special price, $109 + $12 shipping (USA). (Send that amount to kathy@scogna.com with a note.)

We also have a limited supply of less than perfect books, with scratches or dents from shipping. $90 + $12 shipping (USA). (Send that amount to kathy@scogna.com with a note.)

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While there, click on Questionnaires and complete the SAF 120 Questionnaire for physical symptoms. The chain of numbers will tell what organs and glands are stressed.

Read about these in "SAF Simplified", "The Threat of the Poison Reign", or find a SAF practitioner to help you.