Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 FREE e-Books this weekend

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Homeopathy Revisited – What is homeopathy? How does it work? SAF organs and glands, traditional remedies. A fresh new look at this tried and true healing method.

What Your Blood Tells YouEnergetic, Nutritional Answers for Change. How to read a blood chemistry evaluation and what you can do holistically to make positive changes to your next blood test.

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e-Books are a new look for us; a new method many people prefer for  reading and storing information. With this promotion, it is a great time for you to complete your library of Joseph Scogna's books. We'd love to hear some feedback on these new products. 

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Monday, September 3, 2012

eBooks are Available!

The next generation has been clamoring for eBooks and we listened. Several will be put into eBook format in the near future.

Currently, HOMEOPATHY REVISITED and WHAT YOUR BLOOD TELLS YOU are sold as eBooks through our website on the Welcome page: These can be downloaded to your computer or other reading device.

We still offer the print versions, of course, as there will always be someone out there who prefers to hold a book in hand. Especially if it is for reference, such as What Your Blood Tells You. This particular book is a classic for anyone who has ever had a blood chemistry test and wasn't content to simply accept the lab's write up and the doctor's words: "Everything looks fine" or "Get these 2 prescriptions filled and call me in 3 months for a recheck."

The doctor is relying on the lab's evaluation and generally knows little about the exact meaning of each evaluation.

What does each blood evaluation mean?
What if the number is too high - is that bad?
What if the reading is too low, is that dangerous?
If the lab shows that the blood work is all "normal" then why do I still feel lousy?
Were some of the numbers on the edge of being too high or too low?
Should I change what I'm eating, or add in some herbs, homeopathic remedies, or vitamins? If so, which ones should I take?

All these answers and more can be found in: What Your Blood Tells You: Energetic, Nutritional Answers for Change. Twenty-five different evaluations are explained in detail. Now, there is a more NATURAL way to make changes to your blood chemistry.

An excerpt follows:

Calcium (Ca)
Laboratory            9 – 11.0 mg/100 ml
Nutritional  Research  9.7 – 10.7 mg/100 ml

Calcium is one of the most important elements in the body. It is a light mineral and yet it gives our body its firmness and rigidity. Calcium is essential for the formation of the bones and the teeth. 

The parathyroid gland is its chief regulator and makes it possible to keep calcium ionized in the blood stream. These calcium particles revolve around the body in constant motion to stabilize the acid/alkaline balance of the body, as well as to promote lactation, activate enzymes, and to facilitate the function of the muscles, nerves, and heart. Vitamin D works with the parathyroid gland and calcium to expedite charged calcium from the bones to the tissues and cross the membrane system of the body. This action takes place to prevent acid conditions from developing in any area of the body. When this ability of the body wears down, the system begins to lose pliability and the stony indurations of arthritis, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, and heart disease develop.

When the blood reading of calcium is higher than the accepted health standard, there is an imbalance in the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. The imbalance is in the calcium-magnesium ratio causing poor digestion of fats, starches, and proteins; in this case there may be a high alkaline condition in the small intestine. 

The remedy for high calcium is to provide the electromagnetic frequencies or substances of: magnesium, digestive enzymes, oat straw, alfalfa, licorice, nettle, red clover, pulsatilla, and chamomile. 

When the blood reading of calcium is lower that the accepted health standard, the activation of certain enzymes of fatty acids will be greatly hampered. This slows electron transmission throughout the body and affects the nervous system’s ability to “keep the power on” so to speak. There may be a feeling of being out of balance. The deficiency symptoms are dental caries, rickets, tetany, hyperirritability, excessive bleeding, and heart palpitations

The remedy for low calcium is to supply the electromagnetic frequencies or substances of: ionized calcium, vitamin D, lipase, amylase, and protease, essential fatty acids, spinach, extra complete proteins, milk, whey, carrot juice, nettle, and scullcap.

Joe Scogna originally wrote this for his friends who were medical doctors. He thought that if they had the opportunity to learn about nutritional solutions, they might steer away from only using drugs and prescriptions as remedies. The book has been reworked and is now more easily read and understood by the layperson.

YES, there is a more NATURAL way to make changes to blood chemistry evaluations. From Albumin to BUN to Glucose to Triglycerides to Uric Acid, plus the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and everything in between. Let us know what you think!