Friday, July 3, 2015

Ingressive Sound is a Taking IN

There is an interesting article making its way around the internet today, by linguist Gretchen McCullough. 

Can an "inhaled word" mean something? In a surprising number of languages, the answer is yes.

We all are taught that talking, using speech to communicate thoughts and ideas, is produced by pushing air out of the lungs, through the mouth and lips, and often using the tongue against the teeth. But is that always true? Are there times when speech is made by inhaling?

Ms McCullough goes on to explain there is a particular sound in the Swedish language that is produced by inhaling. The sound and word is "YES".

As it turns out, in the English language, we also have inhaled sounds, "yeah," for one.  And several other languages, on all continents have similar, positive sounds-words that are created by inhaling.

How can this be? An ingressive or inhaled sound is a taking IN. That is acceptance. It has been accepted IN. When something has been accepted IN, it is a "yes."

This concept can be understood through the studies of physics and chemistry and electricity. There is a push-pull to life on ALL fronts. It is seen in the macro-universe of the stars and solar system, and in the invisible micro-universe of atomic studies.

This push-pull is part of the balance and harmony that we humans all seek for ourselves.  

Learn more about this macro-micro push-pull, and the balance and harmony of life by reading Scogna-authored books: 
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Whether we can see and experience this push-pull with our eyes or mouth or not, it is THERE, it is present, and is an integral part of all life. Words do have a powerful effect on us.
Find out about it!