Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Emotional Trauma and the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF)

There is much in the news today about emotional traumas that cause all sorts of dire consequences. Experts agree. When we are in highly stressful situations, our defenses fail and we may find we are fighting off something. It could be PTSD, an illness (a cold, the flu or worse), drug addiction or other risky behaviors; whatever the stresses and traumas are, it is not what we want or what we anticipated for our life.

Now, these traumas may have occurred in the distant past, in the formative years of life before age 7 or so. However, at that time, we did figure out how to survive; some decisions were made that helped us then. Did you know that these decisions are still running in the background of our mind, directing us today?

"WHAT?" you may question. "If it was ages ago, how is that possible?"

It is possible because this human structure of ours is amazing -- it records and stores everything, the good, the bad, the ugly. All the sensations and emotions are stored so that we can use these when we need to, to survive.  Do you think you have forgotten all the bad that ever happened to you? With SAF personal work, you will find that it can all be recalled.

"Now, wait a sec, do I have to look at it again? It was in the past! Where it should be!"

How easy if that is how this human structure worked. 
But it isn't. 
We carry with us in our protein structures, our DNA, all our decisions ever made, even from the time of birth and before that. What is amazing is that these decisions helped us at one point even as they have hindered our full growth and development as adult human beings.

To heal emotional traumas and chronic stress, some practitioners tell us to meditate, others advocate talk therapy to counter the emotional wounds, others may say hypnosis, or tapping with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or with yoga and other types of exercise. But these techniques often leave us feeling blank; not enough information is provided to us for resolution of the traumas. And that is what we WANT – resolution of traumas and overwhelming chronic stress.

Those who are trained in the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF work) understand that by completing a simple SAF questionnaire or having an infrared scan taken, the resulting SAF chain sequence will tell us so much more. Right down to the approximate age the trauma began, along with the emotional component involved!

And that is what we have been seeking -- the CAUSE of the chronic situation we find ourselves surrounded by in the present time.

For true resolution of traumas from childhood or early adult life, we need to process these with the SAF method. We know the EFFECT (we are sitting IN it; it is all around us), we need to know the CAUSE in order to reduce and change the effect. That answer is inside us.

Only with SAF processing can we put the past in the past where it belongs. We can then emerge as fully functioning and healthy human beings, filled with new-found resolve. We can disconnect from emotional traumas and chronic stress, and then we are ready to face what we need to address in this life.

Find out how to become trained in the SAF method so you can help your patients and clients and family members.  Contact the home office for training courses and practitioners.

Read SAF books on the subject (SAF Simplified, The Numbers of SAF, The SAF Infrared Manual, and Junk DNA are especially helpful)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Threat of the Poison Reign -- A Revisited Classic

The place is Planet Earth. The Time is NOW.

Joe Scogna was a man on a mission. He was passionate about his investigations into the perils of radiation and radiant energies, and how these affect us. He was so sensitive to these energies, he had to identify the causes and then avoid as many sources as he could. He had to find a solution for himself; he shared what he knew with others with similar sensitivities. 

Joe defined the composition of a protective field around us, the energy field, what he called the Electroplasmic Field (EPF), and how this helps to balance out errant energies and radiation.

In 1979, a nuclear accident happened at Three Mile Island, a mere 40 miles from us in Harrisburg, PA. Joe was busy with his questionnaires and helping the local people as they tried to make sense of the invisible threat and their symptoms, in spite of the government agencies saying all is well, and "ignore that taste of metal in your mouth".

In these pages, the Reader will find the National Radiation Test and will learn of their own personal stressed organs and glands, and what this means. The ingredients of the Radiation Cocktail are helpful nutrients for building up the immune system and the protective energy field around humans, the Electroplasmic Field (EPF).

In our Self Awareness Formula work (SAF) we understand that we repeat our patterns, especially the negative emotional events that we have "forgotten." Have we as a species forgotten our own history, and repeated the pattern of using nuclear power for evil? Excerpts of Sanskrit poems, c. 6500 BC, seem to point in that direction, and ancient burial sites show highly radioactive skeletons. You decide!

This is a timely and timeless book, filled with nutritional and other information we can USE today to help us counteract all the energetics that are INCOMING, energetics from the nuclear bomb tests and accidents, from chem trails and other frequencies, and energetics from the electronic gizmos humans invent with each passing day.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Do You Suffer from Allergies?

Formula Z, a new book at Amazon, is an excellent homeopathic reference for anyone with allergies. Interesting and informative entries of 146 uncommon allergens we all need to know for these challenging times. Homeopathy is drug-free health-care for people of all ages.
Educational and Fun!

Formula Z is a MATERIA MEDICA of Allergens!
Cesium and Strontium (heavy metals)
Magnetic North and South
Cooties (yes, you read that right :)
Drugs (Opium, Codeine, Marijuana, Aspirin, etc.)
plus 132 more.....

Definitions of items and homeopathic symptomatology, and perhaps the BEST and most useful part are the Inconspicuous Villains: where these items are found hiding in foods, air, water,  animals, plants and even the GMOs.

This  book is especially good for practitioners who prescribe homeopathic remedies for their patients and clients, AND for those who imprint their own remedies..  However, Formula Z is an educational reference for anyone with allergies, common and uncommon. Interesting and informative entries.

We can find allergies and sensitivities with SAF Online (especially the Millennium Detox Interpretation, and Remedy Orange Interpretation), then look these up for further information. Find those VILLAINS!

Do you know your allergies?
A partial example: Are you allergic to EGGS?  If dieting, do you only eat the white of eggs?

Egg White (Albumen)
Homeopathic Symptoms: Intolerance of bands on wrist, arms; backache and pain in left hip (etc.)
Inconspicuous Villains: Rabies vaccine; Pandemic influenza vaccine (H1N1); Beer and Wine are clarified with egg whites, facial products and egg in shampoos (etc.)

Thanks to Kalli Scogna for typing the book into computer format so we could edit, augment, and get it ready for practitioners and enthusiastic students!

To find your allergies:
To purchase this book: