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Homeopathy Revisited: A Modern ENERGETIC View of an Ancient Healing Art

New sub-title, new look, new innards! 106 pages of a totally revamped, more readable, more understandable version, with a practical use for those new to SAF or for clients and readers who want more information.

Don't let the physics part scare you off - the electromagnetic principles of life, light wave phenomena, visible and invisible. It imbues all who live in this planetary sector, all creatures that possess life energy. It is in our DNA.

Which reminds me to remind you to get your copy of Junk DNA! Its very title pokes fun at mainstream science, which has declared that 98% of DNA material is gibberish..... we KNOW better! This is your chance to unlock the hidden secrets. In case you're wondering, what is IN our DNA is everything we as a species have needed to survive for these past millennia. How about 128 sensory perceptions? We have forgotten much; it is time to remember, relearn and reclaim our abilities.   (Just click on this link, and click on the Junk DNA book cover.) BTW: if any one reading this is interested in selling Junk DNA, we can offer great discounts. Contact us! or

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Back to the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann. In the 1700s, he understood the energetics of life, even though our modern terminology had not yet been created. He knew there was a force of energy around us, and around plants, animals, insects, and the elements and minerals, as well. He was the first to catalog detailed symptoms, how people reacted to all the plants, animals, insects and minerals. He dosed healthy people first with those substances and found that when highly diluted, these worked best with the unhealthy person. When highly diluted, what remained of the original substance was the electrical configuration of it.  We would say today that he worked with the energetics of humans.

Hahnemann knew it wasn't the substance that "cured" but that the vital force (the spirit), which created the disorder in the first place, could take in the electrical message of that similar substance and THAT would stimulate balance in the body. Balance is the natural state for humankind. If healing was to happen, this is how it would occur.

This is energetic medicine at its core!

Because of his comprehension of the unseen, Hahnemann had run-ins with the standard doctors of his day. This might sound familiar to some of you! He called them "materialists" because they only dealt in the material realm; a disease did not exist until they could see it with their eyes or feel it with their hand.

Stay tuned.....This book will be available very soon. I'll post when it is.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

FOREWORD to Junk DNA: Unlocking the Secrets of Your DNA

On March 15, 2014, I posted a Foreword to the DNA book. Here is a revised edition that fits the revitalized and recently published book!
On the following link, you can check out the SEE INSIDE feature at Amazon and purchase the book there as well.

Joe Scogna printed his original DNA book The Origins of Genetic Behavior in 1985. It was in manuscript form then, and although not quite complete, it was filled with valuable information for humankind. 

In the years since then, scientists worldwide have been exploring and making discoveries in DNA, which holds genetic information. Was Joe’s work still valid?

Just as the discovery of fingerprints overturned criminal investigative work in the past centuries, so DNA discoveries have dramatically changed crime scene analysis. The wildly popular television crime shows provide dramatic renditions of true-life scenarios. This type of physical DNA has proven highly sellable. Big companies have jumped on the bandwagon and valuable patents are being issued; money acquired has funded yet more research. Physical DNA samples can help find criminals and release those falsely imprisoned, identify human remains, and track medical histories and family lineages.

The gene, to a biologist or chemist, is the functional and physical unit of heredity, which carries information from one generation to the next in a direct line: skin, hair and eye color, height, and some diseases are examples. 

It has been said that human DNA is like a biological Internet, however, according to Russian scientists, only 2% of our DNA is physical or biological. Only 2% is used for building proteins and for tracking crime scene information.

What of the remaining 98%? According to scientists in the lab, this is filler, some sort of genetic gibberish. Even Francis Crick (co-discoverer of the double helical structure) stated it was “little better than junk.”  And the name has stuck.

In 2003, scientists claimed all the DNA had been coded but they now admit most of the DNA material they have encountered is unknown, cannot be coded and there is no money to be made with an unknown substance. What modern science does not understand or cannot see with current instruments is tossed into the category called “junk”. However, on the other side of the world, the Russians are moving ahead with their own research on this unknown category, the hidden 98%.

In light of these developments, we have given Joe’s early manuscript new life with a more compelling title: JUNK DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA.  

The information in this book is timely and timeless; a celebration of that hidden 98% because deep inside, we know the truth.  There is no junk DNA. There is no genetic gibberish.

Human DNA is so much more than a biological Internet! Joe Scogna lectured and wrote about DNA-RNA in his teachings and books, of the connections between the elements, genetics, the holistic human being, and the Self Awareness Formula (SAF®) chain sequence. 

In the early 1980s, Joe was creating his own computing system and was very familiar with computer science and its programming aspects, ROM (Read-Only Memory) and RAM. He nicknamed part of the DNA our RAM chip, the Random Access Memory chip we all have and can learn to access. 

In 1984, he wrote:
“To a chemist, DNA is very rigid. The DNA addressed with SAF® is accessible through very intense mental and spiritual conditioning.”

The rigidity that Joe pointed out is the purely physical structure that can be seen and mapped with instruments. The DNA that Joe embraced and wrote about was not just the physical DNA but rather the holistic DNA, the body, mind and spirit DNA of humankind and all life energy forms, all of this stored in our very own RAM chip. 

When understood in this context, the entire composition and view of DNA changes. We see the inherited personality traits, our own emotional traumas and the emotional upsets and behavior patterns of our parents being acted out in our children and grandchildren, and the genetic plans and blueprints we have been bequeathed from ages past to understand and process. Yes, our DNA can be changed and altered in so many ways, by our own environment and our adventures and misadventures in life.

“The actions of the DNA and RNA are necessary to put the whole system into operation. The specific fluids that surround the DNA are in precise quantities, which can be translated by a crystalline mirror-like structure, like a laser beam, throughout the entire system. Thus the passages of processes, whether these are electrical, electrochemical or purely chemical, can follow a precise mirrored blueprint.”  
-Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.
Light, Dark: the Neuron and the Axon

What is the language of DNA in the crystalline structures that acts much like a laser beam? The vibration of sonic waves. Frequencies. This is a multi-way communication line, in and out, so that we have input as well: words read, spoken or sung; thoughts; emotions and other “emotional radiation”; as well as telepathic messages from a distance are involved in the process.

In the movie Superman, the infant Kal-El is sent in a crystal capsule to Earth, with ethereal sounds and images to teach him along the way. The crystals were then stored in a crystal cave for his future use. All knowledge was imbedded in the crystals. 

How true this is! All the healing knowledge we humans need to access and know about has been imbedded and stored in the crystals of our own DNA. Crystals can transmit information to us, about survival, about our past and about healing. We just need to access, to listen, and be open to the possibilities.

The following quote was voiced by Jor-El of the red planet Krypton, as he bid his infant son farewell before sending him to Earth. It illustrates the dynamics of our DNA and the miraculous genetic planning mechanism you will read about in this book.
 “You will travel far, my little Kal-El. But we will never leave you.    
The richness of our lives shall be yours. All that I have, all that I've learned, everything I feel, all this, and more I bequeath to you, my son. You will carry me inside you all the days of your life.
You will make my strength your own, and see my life through your own eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father, the son.
We will never leave you, even in the face of our deaths.”        
-Jor-El (Brando)
Superman, 1978 Film

What the reader will discover in  JUNK DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA is that we Earthlings have not just five major senses, but access to 128 different sensing channels to use to perceive and understand our world.

We are products of Planet Earth. In this book, we’ll explore all the tracks of energy possible—hydrogen, water, light and heavy elements (gold, silver, lead), sugars, salts and crystals, proteins, fats—this is the hard-wiring of the universe, what a human being is and what makes up the earth as well. The earth’s electromagnetic energy field is mirrored in our own electromagnetic energy field. What has occurred on the earth from the beginning of time with its geological transformations and eras, with its progression of creatures and energies needing protection, all this has been left as tracings within our DNA. 

The gravitational, radiational and magnetic flows in the solar system, the beginning life in the seas and on land with those biological tracings, and the sounds, utterances (languages) and the history of our species has been recorded as well. 

We are products of our ancestors on a cellular level, going back even earlier than Stone Age man, with all the beliefs, traumas and behaviors intact; and products of our environment (learning, people, places and events), as well as being products of what we eat, breathe in and drink, all to be discovered and rectified, when necessary, by intense mental and spiritual conditioning.

This work embraces both creation and evolution as the reader will discover on these pages. Darwin was not an atheist; to him, the evolution of energy was not by chance but by design. 

The evolutionist, looking for visible answers, gets down to the nitty-gritty, to the rocks and the layers of sediment that can be dated with different methods so there will be some official age to the earth and artifacts. To a scientist, a designation of age lends credibility to a time track and seems concrete, but the beginnings of humankind are a bit more hazy. When and how did it start?

        The origin of this planetary system might seem to be by chance because we can’t explain it fully and completely at the present time. If we don’t relegate it to some force greater than us, then it is Electricity Unknown (Sensory Channel #70) and leaves us in the dark. (see page 189)

Certainly there has been life on earth as long as there has been a planet. If there was fire on earth, there was life. The planet is a life form just as we are. 

The stretch of time of earth’s history dwarfs a human’s life history. Eighty or ninety years might seem old for a human but is nothing compared to billions of years.

At the conclusion of one seminar Joe gave, an attendee remarked; “This is genesis. We are studying genesis and the whole world will be affected.”

  The more educated we are in this self awareness process the better able we will be to help our self and others.  

There is harmony in this universe; harmony and balance are built in. All we need is the key to unlock its secrets. This book is the key. 

I’m so glad you’re here! This is an awesome study for these challenging times: you’re holding in your hands the key to the handbook for human healing!

Kathy M. Scogna
Stagecoach Ranch, California
Ides of March, 2014

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Omni-Track Interpretation

Note to the Reader: This article refers to the Omni-Track Interpretation found in SAF Online. SAF Online is the SAF® system, in which the trained practitioner can interpret and read SAF® chains for clients. Its companion book is Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA. The Interpretation will not be understood without referencing the book. SAF® will not be understood without reading SAF Simplified. The companion book for SAF Online is The SAF Infrared Manual. See links below for purchasing books.
Background on Omni-Track. Omni means all; it includes all 128 perception tracks detailed in the companion book, Junk DNA.

Today's SAF Online System: The original Life Energy computing system and SAF® programs have been upgraded and are now the SAF Online System. The beauty of this online system is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a modern browser. The practitioner must create an SAF Online account in order to access this and 40 Interpretations:

What will I find in Omni-Track? With SAF chain work, a perception appears on the Omni-Track list because a Z Reaction has occurred. Z Reactions are hyper-sensitivities or allergies that make the client weaker and less aware of the present time circumstances. 

As mentioned in Junk DNA, Superman had his allergy to kryptonite, which sapped his energy and made him weak, and we have ours. What is your kryptonite? SAF® processing is a matter of finding our allergies, finding what is it that makes us weak, less aware, what is it that takes away or diminishes our perceptions?

Omni-Track includes the 128 Sensory Channels described fully in Junk DNA, perceptions such as sounds, colors, endocrine senses, magnetic reference, magnetic position, auras and energy fields, energy gyros (chakras), radiant energies, gravitation, mathematics, language, spirits and many more. If we are fully functioning humans, we are aware of all 128 perceptions as a part of our memory track. When recalling events that appear in our chains, these sensory channels are stimulated, ignited. We can read about these in Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of your DNA for greater understanding. For a complete list of the 128 sensing channels, see the Table of Contents at 

As a client, in working with Omni-Track, we must determine the significance of the items, what these mean to us. With personal SAF® processing, we make connections to the past and the major complaint, meditate or journal thoughts and occurrences - all  this will serve to de-sensitize the electrical energies and frequencies of these items. 

The end result is a more aware client; a client who has found lifetime patterns and has been able to compare past occurrences with present day events in order to release the energy and the hold those former events exerted over him or her. In other words, the more chains we work and the more stuck energy we release, this is how we become more aware of our perceptions and can increase our abilities on body, mind and spirit levels.

For a full understanding of SAF® chain work, for releasing emotions and identifying physical issues, it is recommended that the practitioner complete at least one level of SAF® training.

The SAF® method works because it follows certain laws of physics. Essential books can be purchased at the website or through If you are just getting started in your studies of SAF®, the best book is SAF Simplified: the Self Awareness Formulas.

Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of your DNA

The SAF Infrared Manual, a How-To book for using SAF Online with Questionnaires or Infrared.

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Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA

Finally! With a vibrant new title, streamlined cover, the hidden secrets of your DNA has been published!

It was originally titled "The Origins of Genetic Behavior" but something has happened since Joe Scogna wrote the book in 1985. Mainstream science has leaped into the field of DNA, making all sorts of discoveries, selling their wares at top dollar and funding still more research. What they are sharing has great uses - markers for diseases, inherited syndromes, medical histories, family lineage, and finding criminals. And crime scene analysis, with the many TV shows as testaments, has changed forever. In 2003, the Powers-That-Be declared they had coded ALL the DNA.

At first, it seemed Joe's ideas might have been eclipsed. Was it still valid? But in looking deeper, I realized they had only worked with 2% of the DNA, not 100%. Why?

They are focused on the physical aspects only. If they couldn't see it or SELL it, it had no value to them. Even Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the double helical structure declared the rest of the material was "little better than junk," some type of genetic gibberish. The name has stuck.

Deep inside we know the truth. There is no junk DNA. This book is truly a celebration of that hidden 98% not being examined in the lab. Along with The Promethion, it is the foundation for the Self Awareness Formulas, the SAF Method.

Here you will find the holistic DNA of humankind, the body, mind, and spirit aspects so vital to our survival over the past eons. If we needed it to survive in this planetary sector, it is in there. The genetic planning mechanism has seen to that.

We are products of planet Earth. What has occurred on the planet since the beginning of time with its geological transformations and eras, the gravitational, radiational and magnetic flows in the solar system, and the progression of creatures needing protection, all this has been left as tracings in our DNA. (For more on this, please read my Foreword, showcased at

The book includes an exciting seminar Joe gave, what we always called the Superman Seminar. No more hints than that; you will have to read it. :)

We all know we have 5 senses, but how about 128 Sensory Channels, awesome perceptions we could be using to make sense of our world? Psychics, clairvoyants and gifted people are in touch with many of these, but we all can learn to enhance our abilities. (see the Table of Contents for a complete list)

Understanding the then-emerging computer language, Joe described what he cleverly called the ROM and RAM in our DNA. The Read Only Memory is the hardwired fabric of the universe and cannot be changed by us. But the Random Access Memory is reachable and changeable. It holds in its crystals all the events in our lives and our ancestors lives, with those 128 sense perceptions. This is our own individuality.

As an added bonus, the reader will find interesting case details people have uncovered doing personal work. In the segment on the Allergy Connection, for example, we find programs that are very old indeed and are not useful to us today, and yet they are running in the background of our mind, directing us to act a certain way. When brought into the light so we can see them, their power over us is dissipated.

This book is timely and timeless. Even if you do not understand all it offers, just the fact that you have allowed the information IN, you are helping to uplift humanity.

There is harmony in this universe, harmony and balance are built in. All we need is the key to unlock its secrets. Here is your invitation to adventurously consider what other secrets of human insight and survival might be revealed if we knew the language.

This is the key, the code-breaking book, "Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA."

110 illustrations, Reader-Friendly. Soft cover, 282 pages. $29.95. Available at

For those using the SAF Online system, see the next blog for details on how to use the Omni-Track Interpretation with this book.