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Human Electricity - a Holistic View

In the past year, we've added 8 books to the website (, plus several radio and You Tube interviews. The books have been reformatted, updated, sport shiny new covers, and all complement and add to your understandings about life. It is very exciting that the website has been visited by people from 68 countries!

The latest release is Project Isis: Fundamentals of Human Electricity. The Egyptian Isis had some amazing abilities in being able to sense frequencies that were "off" and caused imbalance or ill health; she sang different or missing frequencies (sounds and words) in order to bring about and improve balance and healing.

Using electrical terms, this book explains we humans as electrical holistic units on body, mind and spirit levels. The reader will find the 12 Axioms of Human Energy and the use of Infrared to determine hot spots or imbalances. Current, types of circuits, wiring and batteries for storage -- all have a correlation to human electricity.

You do not need to be an electrical engineer to understand this work!

The reader of Scogna books will note that the time-honored system of electrical laws are found in the SAF chain sequence of numbers, those stressed organ and gland systems.
The CORE, which is the subject of the chain, is the VOLTAGE, the electric potential.
The LEAD shows us the resistances; in electrical language this is the OHMS.
In the ANCHOR number, we find the AMPERAGE, the energy or the current that holds the chain in place and aids in those pesky repeated patterns we would all like to dissolve or delete! 

When working with the client in the SAF method, addressing the lead, core and anchor of the chain will help the client find resolution to the situation presented. Once completed, the stuck resistances are released as well as the amperage energy, which can then be used by the client, whereas before it had not been available for use. This is empowering!

"The creation of POWER and ENERGY is the prime directive of the entire universe, for we cannot exist in such a place without producing power." So wrote Joe Scogna as he put the finishing touches on the axioms of human energy and this manuscript in 1984.

Note that POWER in this sense does not mean "the ability to do work", which is the common definition, nor does it mean "power over someone else", but rather, power in this book means the ability to create effects for ourselves. To do this we must first conceive of or envision a finished result, take the necessary steps to make it happen and then see it through to fruition. We must be able to create! This is the prime directive of the universe and ensures our existence.

Project Isis is dedicated to the students of the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF) who work with the high vibrational energy of humans, and to all seekers of bio-energetics and life energy. It is for those in the energetic healing field, emotional release workers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, energy psychologists, stress processors, biofeedback and other modalities. The book contains background information that will help to augment those studies. Because we are dealing with the invisible energy around and in us, every bit of physics we can understand and incorporate into our life and work is helpful.

From the Papyrus of Ebers (c. 4000 BC) to our modern day applications of energy, frequency and vibration (quantum physics), Scogna takes into account and connects all this information in his mathematical system, creating a new language of body-mind-spirit-emotion, called the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF), a new Rosetta Stone for translating and understanding the energetic systems of humankind.

 As Dr John Abdo so aptly put it: "Joe Scogna's work is a monumental leap forward in the evaluation of human physiology, psychology and spirituality. This brilliant researcher has given us a dynamic new dimension, a unified approach to our holistic health status - past, present and future. In the years to come, the application of SAF and Infrared Technology will be one of the most wonderful blessings to mankind."

Perhaps in the future, all humankind will possess the same self-healing abilities as the goddess Isis. This book is a good place to start on your journey toward self awareness.
Details:  $21.95
234 pages, illustrations, index
Trim size: 8" x 10"
Purchase Project Isis through Amazon:
OR, Ask for it at your favorite bookseller by ISBN number: 9781500195380
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Monday, May 4, 2015

The 128 Sensory Channels

We know we humans have 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight), and some people are gifted with a 6th sense, extra sensory perception. So what gives? Where does it say we have more than that?

Our DNA, which is being observed, scrutinized, dissected, and evaluated in the lab under the microscope, contains much more material that cannot be observed for the simple reason that it is invisible and the instrumentation is not available yet.

Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the double helical structure, proclaimed that the extra DNA material was some sort of evolutionary gibberish, "little better than junk."

Folks, this is not a small portion of the DNA; this represents 98% of our DNA! Deep inside, we know the truth - there is no "Junk DNA". That said, what could be in our DNA that is not observable under a microscope?

This so-called evolutionary gibberish is holistic in nature, it is what helped Stone Age man to survive for millennia, and it would behoove us to discover these invisible, hidden aspects. 

The 128 Sensory Channels are listed below. Detailed explanations are found in the book: "Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA."

To discover which of the 128 sense perceptions are stimulated or in need of attention, find an SAF practitioner who will help you work through your issues. Along the way, your perceptions and abilities will increase, and you will make positive changes in your life. Can you change your DNA? YES, this is possible. 

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128 Sensory Channels from "Junk DNA" by Scogna:

1. Touch
2. Taste
3. Smell
4. Sound
5. Sight
6. Controlled Personal Motion
7. Angle (the shape of things)
8. Tone of Sound (quality, harmony)
9. Tone of Sight (quality)
10. Tempo
11. Amplitude (increase & decrease)
12. Acids (pressure)
13. Space (alkaline or base)
14. External Motion
15. Radiational Forces (planetary)
16. Gravitational Forces (planetary)
17. Birth (starting new cycle)
18. Growth (continuing of cycle)
19. Maturity (stagnation of cycle)
20. Decay (loss of cycle)
21. Death (end of cycle)
22. Skin Sensitivity
23. Perception of Hunger
24. Enzyme Activity
25. Vitamin Action
26. Digestive Activity
27. Mineral Action
28. Glandular Transaction (hormonal)
29. Magnetic Position (eight gyros -Chakras)
30. Magnetic Reference 1 (people)
31. Magnetic Reference 2 (place)
32. Magnetic Reference 3 (planetary)
33. Protein (internal)
34. Protein (external proteins)
35. Fat Insulation (Stage 1)
36. Fat Insulation (Stage 2)
37. Fat Insulation (Stage 3)
38. Fat Insulation (Stage 4)
39. Fat External (Stage 1)
40. Fat External (Stage 2)
41. Fat External (Stage 3)
42. Fat External (Stage 4)
43. Sugars (spark)
44. Carbohydrates (stored spark)
45. Pain
46. Sensation
47. Unconscious Pain
48. Unconscious Sensation
49. Death from Pain
50. Death from Sensation
51. Z Reactions from Pain
52. Z Reactions from Sensation
53. Radiational Forces (especially male)
54. Gravitational Forces (especially female)
55. The Color Red-Violet
56. The Color Red
57. The Color Orange
58. The Color Yellow
59. The Color Green
60. The Color Blue
61. The Color Blue-Violet
62. The Sound DO
63. The Sound RE
64. The Sound MI
65. The Sound FA
66. The Sound SO
67. The Sound LA
68. The Sound TI
69. Electricity Known
70. Electricity Unknown
71. Magnetic Situations Known
72. Magnetic Situations Unknown
73. Sense of Sequence—Time
74. Endocrine Sense Channels (emotions)
75. Thymus Activity
76. Tonsils Activity
77. Appendix Activity
78. Peyer’s Patches
79. Protective Systems (Stage 1)
80. Protective Systems (Stage 2)
81. Protective Systems (Stage 3)
82. Heart (love)
83. Colon (hate)
84. Stomach (assimilation)
85. Sinuses & Anterior Pituitary
86. Liver Activity (transmutation)
87. Lung Activity (breathing)
88. Bronchi (capturing breath and holding)
89. Sex Organs
90. Bones & Muscles
91. Thyroid (carbon/nitrogen cycle)
92. Blood Vessels (Fear Phase 1)
93. Brain & Nervous System (Fear Phase 2)
94. Adrenal (Fear Phase 3)
95. Mind
96. Senses & Hypothalamus
97. Kidneys (perception of poisons)
98. Male — Female (hormone balance)
99. Skin (defense protection)
100. Solar Plexus & Pancreas
101. H2O & Posterior Pituitary
102. Calcium & Parathyroid
103. Spleen (invasion reflex)
104. Lymphatic System
105. Electromagnetic Perception (Auras)
106. Electroplasmic Perception
107. Hot or Heat
108. Cold or Coldness
109. Dryness (lack of water)
110. Beauty
111. Ugliness
112. Symbols & Language
113. Symbols & Mathematics
114. Intention
115. Postulate Composition
116. Counterpostulate
117. Lies
118. Truth
119. Perception of the Sun
120. Perception of the Solar System
121. Survival
122. Succumbing
123. Winning
124. Losing
125. Body Temperatures
126. Spirit (greater & lesser)
127. Universe
128. God

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