Monday, January 19, 2015

128 Senses - Wow

We know we have 5 senses, and some of us have a 6th sense. But 128?
These must be known only to psychics and para-normal people, right?

Truth is, we all have these. We might have forgotten some, or do not have a use for them at this moment, but these are IN our DNA, waiting until we might need them.....again.

The evolutionary material in our DNA-RNA is how we have survived for millennia. And these perceptions helped us do just that. We can learn about these 128 perceptions and enhance our own.

The first sense, #1, is TOUCH, which provides the entire range of "feelings" a human being possesses. Touch transcends all the other senses; blossoming into sub-channels. This sense is more than the mere touch of a hand or what we feel on our skin; it is the Expanded Tactile Sense, sometimes called Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) or the 6th sense. As we understand more about self awareness and enlightenment, and as we work on our personal issues and release stuck or misdirected energies, our abilities will increase, including our ESP and mental telepathy, and we will have a greater appreciation for life and living. 

It is interesting to note that by observing bats and their sensing, the phenomenon of RADAR was developed and in use by 1940. (RADAR=Radio Detection and Ranging).  This bat and RADAR system is the same type of communication system we use for our sense of touch. Like the bat, we have a sensing beam that is channeled 360 degrees around the body to pick up any encroachment from the environment. This is the advanced scout for us, and for the rest of our senses.

History lesson: The ancient Egyptians depicted the Gods of the Senses on the walls of their tombs. Gods of Touch, Taste, of Intelligence, Sight and Sound were prominent. The Egyptian God of Smell was later to became Anubis, the Jackal, an herbal healer, and in charge of embalming dead bodies with sweet smelling herbs and oils to prepare for burial in the underworld.

How unfortunate that many humans lack the ability to reach but a few perceptions! If we were to connect with all 128 sensory channels, we would have talents and abilities far beyond those of any mortal man.

This Sensory Channel #1 (and history lesson!), plus 127 other senses, can be found in Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA (Scogna, 2014).

Just by reading this book, even if you don't understand or believe all of it, just the fact that you are allowing it IN, you are helping to uplift humankind.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Drug-Free Health Care for People of all Ages

Are you concerned about your health care?
Are you worried about the potential harm from synthetic drugs, chemicals and long term treatments with these?

Homeopathy is drug-free health care for people of all ages.

The Homeopathic Self Appraisal Index is here! 223 pages,illustrated, 8 X 10. $26.95.

This book should be in everyone's house, for a reference, for history, for information on self needs.

Recent History explained: In 1994, a decades-long battle between the forces of the US government (FDA, AMA) against the centuries-old practice of homeopathy was settled. Homeopathy was taken OUT of the realm of DRUGS (where it had been since 1938) and into the realm of a Food/ Supplement.

Passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that year guaranteed US homeopathic physicians would no longer be raided by the G-Men (with guns in holsters... or not), arrested as drug dealers in front of their terrified patients, or driven out of business.

NOW we can find homeopathic remedies in health food stores.
But wait! Which ones would be good for me?
 Help is on the way. In the book, the reader will find 5 different ways to Find a Remedy, including with a blood chemistry evaluation.

Plus, The Homeopathic Medicine Kit list - 26 remedies no home should be without. 

The book details: 
* what the remedies are (Latin and common names)
*  the symptoms and syndromes for their use (fears, anxiety, headaches, nervousness, itchy skin, neuritis, obesity etc)

And the book does so for more than 184 remedies!

Symptoms and Syndromes have been redefined based on an understanding of the science of Light  and Energy and Similars. 
Light (Electromagnetic Spectrum)
Energy (Periodic Table of Elements)
Similars (the essence of Homeopathy)

Written in easy to understand language, a practical and comprehensive INDEX of humankind's oldest organized form of healing. It is truly our Medicine of the Past and Future.

For Practitioners and Enthusiastic Students of Homeopathy: Use this book along with SAF Online to find a remedy based on the SAF chain sequence.