Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 FREE e-Books this weekend

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The new e-Books are:
Homeopathy Revisited – What is homeopathy? How does it work? SAF organs and glands, traditional remedies. A fresh new look at this tried and true healing method.

What Your Blood Tells YouEnergetic, Nutritional Answers for Change. How to read a blood chemistry evaluation and what you can do holistically to make positive changes to your next blood test.

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e-Books are a new look for us; a new method many people prefer for  reading and storing information. With this promotion, it is a great time for you to complete your library of Joseph Scogna's books. We'd love to hear some feedback on these new products. 

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Monday, September 3, 2012

eBooks are Available!

The next generation has been clamoring for eBooks and we listened. Several will be put into eBook format in the near future.

Currently, HOMEOPATHY REVISITED and WHAT YOUR BLOOD TELLS YOU are sold as eBooks through our website on the Welcome page: These can be downloaded to your computer or other reading device.

We still offer the print versions, of course, as there will always be someone out there who prefers to hold a book in hand. Especially if it is for reference, such as What Your Blood Tells You. This particular book is a classic for anyone who has ever had a blood chemistry test and wasn't content to simply accept the lab's write up and the doctor's words: "Everything looks fine" or "Get these 2 prescriptions filled and call me in 3 months for a recheck."

The doctor is relying on the lab's evaluation and generally knows little about the exact meaning of each evaluation.

What does each blood evaluation mean?
What if the number is too high - is that bad?
What if the reading is too low, is that dangerous?
If the lab shows that the blood work is all "normal" then why do I still feel lousy?
Were some of the numbers on the edge of being too high or too low?
Should I change what I'm eating, or add in some herbs, homeopathic remedies, or vitamins? If so, which ones should I take?

All these answers and more can be found in: What Your Blood Tells You: Energetic, Nutritional Answers for Change. Twenty-five different evaluations are explained in detail. Now, there is a more NATURAL way to make changes to your blood chemistry.

An excerpt follows:

Calcium (Ca)
Laboratory            9 – 11.0 mg/100 ml
Nutritional  Research  9.7 – 10.7 mg/100 ml

Calcium is one of the most important elements in the body. It is a light mineral and yet it gives our body its firmness and rigidity. Calcium is essential for the formation of the bones and the teeth. 

The parathyroid gland is its chief regulator and makes it possible to keep calcium ionized in the blood stream. These calcium particles revolve around the body in constant motion to stabilize the acid/alkaline balance of the body, as well as to promote lactation, activate enzymes, and to facilitate the function of the muscles, nerves, and heart. Vitamin D works with the parathyroid gland and calcium to expedite charged calcium from the bones to the tissues and cross the membrane system of the body. This action takes place to prevent acid conditions from developing in any area of the body. When this ability of the body wears down, the system begins to lose pliability and the stony indurations of arthritis, rheumatism, arteriosclerosis, and heart disease develop.

When the blood reading of calcium is higher than the accepted health standard, there is an imbalance in the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. The imbalance is in the calcium-magnesium ratio causing poor digestion of fats, starches, and proteins; in this case there may be a high alkaline condition in the small intestine. 

The remedy for high calcium is to provide the electromagnetic frequencies or substances of: magnesium, digestive enzymes, oat straw, alfalfa, licorice, nettle, red clover, pulsatilla, and chamomile. 

When the blood reading of calcium is lower that the accepted health standard, the activation of certain enzymes of fatty acids will be greatly hampered. This slows electron transmission throughout the body and affects the nervous system’s ability to “keep the power on” so to speak. There may be a feeling of being out of balance. The deficiency symptoms are dental caries, rickets, tetany, hyperirritability, excessive bleeding, and heart palpitations

The remedy for low calcium is to supply the electromagnetic frequencies or substances of: ionized calcium, vitamin D, lipase, amylase, and protease, essential fatty acids, spinach, extra complete proteins, milk, whey, carrot juice, nettle, and scullcap.

Joe Scogna originally wrote this for his friends who were medical doctors. He thought that if they had the opportunity to learn about nutritional solutions, they might steer away from only using drugs and prescriptions as remedies. The book has been reworked and is now more easily read and understood by the layperson.

YES, there is a more NATURAL way to make changes to blood chemistry evaluations. From Albumin to BUN to Glucose to Triglycerides to Uric Acid, plus the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and everything in between. Let us know what you think!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spend Your DASH Wisely

Tombstones reveal a person’s name and memorable dates - the dates of birth and death. Chiseled in between those dates, we find a  – (dash). This dash between is what matters most – it is filled with the life of the person, who he or she was, how they lived and loved, how they spent their dash. The elements of our dash, our life, are not visible on hard stone.

Linda Ellis penned a special poem (The Dash) that sums it up:

“For it matters not how much we own;
the cars….the house….the cash.
What matters is how we live and love
And how we spend our dash.”

In the whole scheme of things called Life, this special dash lasts but a short time. That dash is our journey. We may be moving slowly in our dash, plodding along, or we could be running in a mad dash for the finish line.

Whatever our speed, if there are things we want to change about our life, now is the time.
If there are family or friends or business associates we need to communicate with - to release past energy, to clear the air and start anew - now is the time to reach out.

The dash between the dates represents the physical time we had on earth. But we humans are composite beings of body (physical), mind (emotions) and spirit (concepts, intention), with spirit ruling over all. We accomplish what we do in our dash by following the hierarchy of spirit to mind to body. No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, we are spirits first and foremost. What we conceive of (spirit) can be accomplished on the physical plane by thinking through the necessary steps (mind) and following through with the correct action (physical).  What we think and harbor in our minds and bodies, we become – so make it worthy and balanced.

So, how are you spending your dash? Would you like your life to be more fulfilling?
Are you happy in your life study? Are you releasing old patterns so you can move to the next step? Are you closing one door so another will open for you?

Joe Scogna was aware of the limited time we have in our dash. He was on a mission as he wrote and produced SAF and life energy material at break-neck speed. Looking at all he accomplished in his brief span, all the people he taught through seminars, trainings, questionnaires and clinic work; all the books he wrote with an eye to the future of mankind; one cannot help but think he knew his own time would be short. He had much to complete and he wasted no time in getting it done.

One practitioner Joe worked with in Denver was Jacqueline Susmark. She was a nutritionist, in the old school nutrition studies for which Joe had a passion. She studied with Joe for several years, and attended seminars to keep up-to-date with the latest releases. She used the SAF questionnaires and infrared to help her get to the root causes of her patients’ complaints, and several remedy programs to help them reach balance in their lives. She was a Master at reading SAF chains! In their final conversations, when she asked what Joe wanted her to do next, he stressed that she keep working with SAF - she was good at it; he was proud of her work.

Jackie did just that. In her nutritional and alternative therapy consulting practice, which she called Inner Harmony, she helped countless people and improved the lives of many for more than 25 years. She brought to the table her own expertise and intuition; she was knowledgeable, understanding and caring, all the attributes of a compassionate healer.

I was saddened to hear recently of Jackie’s death. She is greatly missed by her family and friends, and the many clients she helped through the years. 
Jackie Susmark is one who spent her DASH wisely and well, leaving this world a better place than she found it.

The SAF remedy programs Jackie used most often were Allergies and Sensitivities, Modality Sorter, Emotion Hazards, Herbs, Mood Scan (Bach Flowers), Millennium Detox, and Vita-Coordinator, all of which can be found at and SAF Online. With the addition of special SAF interpretation programs, including dates of traumatic events, SAF Online is a workable concept for practitioners to use.

So think about how you are spending YOUR dash. Consider taking a self awareness course, reading books and helping others, using SAF as a tool to do so.

Hope to see you at SAF Online!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Short History of Medicine

"Doctor, I have a stomachache!"

2000 BC:  "Here, eat this root."

1000 BC:  "That root is heathen. Say this prayer to appease the gods."

400 AD: "That prayer is heathen. Say this prayer to the one God."

1850 AD: "That prayer is superstition. Drink this herbal potion."

1920 AD: "That potion is snake oil." Here, swallow this approved pill."

1950 AD:  "That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic."

2000 AD: "That antibiotic is artificial and against. life. Here, eat this root."

(Internet wisdom, expanded by Kathy Scogna, 2005, and included in HOMEOPATHY REVISITED)

What is Homeopathy?
How does it work?
What do my symptoms mean?

These questions are answered in HOMEOPATHY REVISITED. Joe Scogna presents a fresh new look at this ancient healing art. Scogna's insights into the electromagnetic principles of homeopathy (the electrical energy of plants and minerals) is invaluable.

Symptoms as messages: Yes, symptoms are present in order to tell us something we may have ignored, as we have gotten involved in a busy life of marriage, kids, work place, and household economics.

It is the duty of each of us to know ourselves, to log our own personal symptoms, and to endeavor to correct them. This takes a great deal of patience and awareness of our own situation and condition. SAF Questionnaires can help in this process - at present, 3 questionnaires are available online, at no charge.

Once you have your chain of numbers, you'll know what organ and gland systems are stressed. Using HOMEOPATHY REVISITED, you can find homeopathy remedies that will bring about balance. Appendix A lists the ingredients of each remedy, which can be located online or at health food stores worldwide.

For an in depth understanding the SAF numbers in the chain, and the emotions indicated as being "in play", SAF SIMPLIFIED can be used as a reference. SAF Online offers interpretations and remedies. SAF practitioners are available to help.

It is up to us to know ourselves and understand what is going on in our own situation, and then we need to take steps to balance and correct what needs correcting. There isn't a magic pill or a certain frequency that will zap us into health without us doing our work. SAF is here as a tool to help you get started on this quest. But the work is up to you.

Books and questionnaires are available at


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life Energy Monitor: Life Energy and Human Electricity!

Life Energy Monitor: Life Energy and Human Electricity!

Life Energy and Human Electricity!

It was 1984.

Joe Scogna was pulling together information on the energy flows of the human system and experimenting with his Infrared sensing device, affectionately called the Infrared Gun. He had used the Infrared to find the venting sites, as he called them, sites where energy of various organs and glands released their heat.

Several chiropractors were assisting him in this venture with their patients. Many in that profession understood the idea of electric flows, seen by them most often when the flow was NOT flowing. Where heat built up, there needed to be release. Joe would travel to their offices and help to detect hot spots. "Have Gun, Will Travel" Joe often joked. These chiropractors were not the standard "back crackers" but the leaders of what is known today as energetic healing. Being in tune with the flow of energy, or lack of energy around, in and through the human system.

So, how does electricity relate to a human being? Inventors and manufacturers have for a long time copied schematics, blueprints and diagrams from the human body's own mechanisms for their inventions. And so it is that many of the laws that apply to electric current, movement of energy, and storage of energy will apply to and perhaps came directly from the human system.
Joe discovered a major difference between electricity and human electricity. While the standard measure of electron transfer causes the precipitation of 1.118 mg of silver (standardized internationally), the human body measures electricity in precipitates of calcium.

This is a necessary function for the detoxification of the body, which is a constant endeavor. At all times, the body, with its elements and systems, efforts to balance itself. Without detoxification, the analyzation of what is right and what is wrong will be disturbed. If this electric potential is disturbed, if there are circuit overloads and breakdowns, the individual may mirror odd, even criminal, antisocial behavior. Once found and corrected, the person would resume normal behavior.

The trick was to develop and use sensing devices that could find the erroneous electrical buildups and faulty electric pressure. Joe Scogna worked tirelessly to spread the word about his Infrared Sensitizer and how it could be used to find and correct troubled areas and people.

"Project Isis: The Fundamentals of Human Electricity" explains all the aspects of energy a person may encounter in daily life.

Joe Scogna's 12 Axioms of Human Energy are found on these pages - The creation of energy, creation of a mental image picture, how we store energy; complete explanations and formulas for all 12.

Why Isis? I'm often asked. The most revered of the Egyptian goddesses, Isis was worshiped as a healer with hundreds of herbal formulations and remedies to her name. By 2000 B.C., temples to this universal mother dotted the civilized world.

Images portray Isis wearing a solar disk crown, by which she acquired Energy from above. She often holds the ankh seen as the key of Life; she herself represents eternal life, the true nature of Spirit. As a giver of life and healer, Isis sang special frequencies, words of power, and used her wings to fan Life Energy into Osiris, her husband, raising him from the dead.
Isis used her acquired Energy and knowledge to help those in need.

As Joe wrote: "The creation of Power and Energy is the prime directive of the entire universe, for we cannot exist in such a place without producing power."

There is enough science in this book to satisfy a researcher and yet it is understandable for the inquisitive student of life. Those who work in energetic healing, with pendulums, biofeedback, electric meters, Wheatstone Bridge, will appreciate the background information sorely lacking from their own texts.

Project Isis: The Fundamentals of Human Electricity is available from *Special thanks to Nicholas Scogna for his painting, ISIS - the Story of Creation, which gives this cover its vibrancy.*