Friday, March 11, 2016

Do You Suffer from Allergies?

Formula Z, a new book at Amazon, is an excellent homeopathic reference for anyone with allergies. Interesting and informative entries of 146 uncommon allergens we all need to know for these challenging times. Homeopathy is drug-free health-care for people of all ages.
Educational and Fun!

Formula Z is a MATERIA MEDICA of Allergens!
Cesium and Strontium (heavy metals)
Magnetic North and South
Cooties (yes, you read that right :)
Drugs (Opium, Codeine, Marijuana, Aspirin, etc.)
plus 132 more.....

Definitions of items and homeopathic symptomatology, and perhaps the BEST and most useful part are the Inconspicuous Villains: where these items are found hiding in foods, air, water,  animals, plants and even the GMOs.

This  book is especially good for practitioners who prescribe homeopathic remedies for their patients and clients, AND for those who imprint their own remedies..  However, Formula Z is an educational reference for anyone with allergies, common and uncommon. Interesting and informative entries.

We can find allergies and sensitivities with SAF Online (especially the Millennium Detox Interpretation, and Remedy Orange Interpretation), then look these up for further information. Find those VILLAINS!

Do you know your allergies?
A partial example: Are you allergic to EGGS?  If dieting, do you only eat the white of eggs?

Egg White (Albumen)
Homeopathic Symptoms: Intolerance of bands on wrist, arms; backache and pain in left hip (etc.)
Inconspicuous Villains: Rabies vaccine; Pandemic influenza vaccine (H1N1); Beer and Wine are clarified with egg whites, facial products and egg in shampoos (etc.)

Thanks to Kalli Scogna for typing the book into computer format so we could edit, augment, and get it ready for practitioners and enthusiastic students!

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