Friday, July 12, 2013

A Gift from SAF Chain Work

There is a great advantage and a wonderful gift with SAF work that I should mention.

As the CLIENT is making connections between the past and the present, and having gains in releasing old emotions and stuck energy, I, as the practitioner, am a witness to these revelations and at the same time, I make my own connections from the client’s gains! It is empowering for both.

SAF practitioners who have experienced this are thankful to their clients and express their appreciation.

There is a similar occurrence with massage therapy, as a therapist understands. In a massage, the kneading and manipulation of muscle and tissue and release feels TERRIFIC to the client, but at the same time is meditative and relaxing for the therapist, to just go with the flow and shifts of energy.

As a client, I can always tell when the Massage Therapist is having problems in life because the energy is different coming TO me. It makes me on guard and the touch and release overall is less enjoyable.

SAF Chain Work
An important SAF Up-Link is 15-17/18: Healer’s Syndrome; absorbing the energy of another. This is common in the chains of massage therapists, chiropractors and others who touch people in their line of work, including distance healers (touch of client’s space and energy field from a distance). This up-link suggests the therapist has picked up reminders from others, reminders of their own issues.

What does this mean in the language of SAF? 
15 - Hypothalamus and the Senses (this is how we sense our world, how we take in energy and ideas) Evaluation and Attention
17/18 = Endocrine or hormone system (this is how we maintain balance..... or not) Equalize and Conservative

Have you had a 15-17/18 in a recent chain? 
Work with this up-link and check out the Interpretation called Healer's Rescue, found at Online.

Words to the Wise:
  • Make sure you stay on top of your own personal emotional release work
  • Keep your energy field and space clear and clean

SAF chain work can help you with this.

Sign up for the SAF Road Map, Level 1 Training and learn how to help yourself and your clients.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Declare this Your Independence Day!

From the Internet comes this little bit of Wisdom:  

“You are not responsible for the programming you picked in childhood.
However, as an adult, you are 100% responsible for fixing it.” 

Childhood programming was picked for you, a "present". Often NOT a good or happy one; in many cases might not be called a present at all! But as an adult, we need to look again at our past and those circumstances and YES, make changes as we can. 

We can't change the events that happened - this was real, concrete, but we CAN change how we view it, we can understand how it affects us still, and with that understanding of the truth, we are set free from it. Our past, then, can become a blessing in disguise. 

That is our responsibility - to become aware, to bring past events to a conscious level into the light of day.  There might be some heavy-duty bad traumas that are brought to mind again so we can put two and two together for understanding, but there are also insignificant-seeming events that have affected our life, as well as "inherited" events and behaviors in our parents and forebears' lives. For examples of SAF chain work, see the SAF Case Studies on the website:

The best way I know to fix broken programming and glitches is with SAF work! 
Why not declare today, July 4th, YOUR personal Independence Day. Find a practitioner and get started. 
The rest of your life is waiting for you. 

The new INFRARED and SAF Work

You've read in SAF books about using an Infrared device to create a chain. We have updated the former very expensive model with a new device. It rapidly produces results, makes timely use of the practitioner's time (can be operated by an associate), is cost effective, can be used on various computers anywhere in the world - in a word, it is FABULOUS

In our SAF holistic evaluations, we use infrared to take temperatures at certain venting sites on the body, sites where organs and glands vent their heat. This information is tabulated to create a chain of numbers that tells us which organs and glands (and emotions!) are stressed.

excerpt from "SAF Technology & Infrared Scans":
Working in the long wavelength band of infrared (thermal emissions), Joe Scogna found that pressure and heat were stratified pockets of energy, condensed to such a degree that they formed what is called in physics, Black Body Mass (BBM). These BBMs could be split further into positively charged (male) or negatively charged (female) BBMs. 
The emotions, coined by Scogna the (e)lectric motions, or energy movements within the molecular structure of the body, lend themselves quite handily to this same analysis by infrared detectors.

Hot Emotions
The “hot” emotions or pressures, such as anger, grief, and resentment, accumulate with replays over time, until they are visible with infrared detectors as black body masses. These emotions are disruptive and create havoc in an individual’s body and life. Someone who is out of harmony with his own system (on spirit, mind, and body levels) breeds trouble for himself as his own health risks increase.

The only way to observe or detect the black body mass of hidden, unwanted energies and emotions is by utilizing the channel of the BBM itself— the brain and the mind— which seem to have brought these into being in the first place!
An acupuncturist, or one schooled in Traditional Chinese or Asian Medicine, understands the hot or stuck energy as blocked chi; and where it is flowing too fast, this practitioner knows to slow it down.
It is easy to use, non-invasive, and portable so you can scan your child and even your pet!

     "Joseph Scogna's use of infrared to catalog the venting sites of the nervous system is a monumental leap forward in the evaluation of human physiology, psychology, and spirituality. He has given us a unified approach to our holistic health status - past, present and future."
John Abdo, ND, Ph.D. 

Purchase as a Package: $137.95 (includes Priority shipping)
IR200 Infrared device ($100)
SAF Technology & Infrared Scans ($15) to read more about the SAF use of Infrared
The Guide to SAF Online ($10) explains the online service, which offers chain interpretations and remedies 
NOTE: after August 1st, the price will increase to $187.95.