Monday, August 26, 2013

Traumas and a Turkish Proverb

You'll read a lot about "traumas" in SAF books, books geared toward increasing our self awareness.....ah, excuse me, but WHY do I have to look at my traumas?

"Those traumas are in the past - let sleeping dogs lie."
"Move forward; don't look back."
"I have no memories of my past."
"It is better not to awaken the dragon, whatever it might be, lurking there in the darkness....."

Psychiatry defines trauma as "a severe emotional shock having a deep, almost lasting effect upon the personality." Sounds ominous enough, doesn't it?

Of course, there are degrees to a traumatic event. In SAF, we have a more general definition in that the trauma, the emotional event from our past, doesn't have to be earth shattering, and yet will still have a lasting effect on us. It is running there in the background, just beyond our mental grasp.

An old Turkish proverb states: 
"He burned his tongue on the soup, and now he always blows on the yoghurt."

This is an example of a traumatic event, burning the tongue, and the resulting action that was deemed important enough to be written down for all time. Even though in the present time, it doesn't make sense to blow on cool yoghurt, the record running in the background demands it! It has become a part of the DNA of the person with the burned tongue.

What events in your past are coded into your DNA and directing you to act a certain way?

Much of our own actions today stem from small and large events in our past. Small events from an adult's eye can be huge in the world and perspective of a child, which we once were.

Now that you are an adult, do you still want to blow on cool yoghurt?

This is a time for discovery and SAF can help you get there.

The Stress 120 Questionnaire will help you to prioritize the events and stresses in your life, and put these into perspective.

The chain of numbers it produces are the key you need to unlock the secrets of your past.

An SAF practitioner can interpret your chain, find those past events AND the ages at which these occurred.
As you will find out, working on your SAF chain is an enlightening experience!

The Stress-120 Questionnaire is available on the website, free of charge.

Find an SAF practitioner. Most sessions are completed over the telephone. The SAF Infrared is an in-office device that can quickly create a chain.