Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Threat of the Poison Reign -- A Revisited Classic

The place is Planet Earth. The Time is NOW.

Joe Scogna was a man on a mission. He was passionate about his investigations into the perils of radiation and radiant energies, and how these affect us. He was so sensitive to these energies, he had to identify the causes and then avoid as many sources as he could. He had to find a solution for himself; he shared what he knew with others with similar sensitivities. 

Joe defined the composition of a protective field around us, the energy field, what he called the Electroplasmic Field (EPF), and how this helps to balance out errant energies and radiation.

In 1979, a nuclear accident happened at Three Mile Island, a mere 40 miles from us in Harrisburg, PA. Joe was busy with his questionnaires and helping the local people as they tried to make sense of the invisible threat and their symptoms, in spite of the government agencies saying all is well, and "ignore that taste of metal in your mouth".

In these pages, the Reader will find the National Radiation Test and will learn of their own personal stressed organs and glands, and what this means. The ingredients of the Radiation Cocktail are helpful nutrients for building up the immune system and the protective energy field around humans, the Electroplasmic Field (EPF).

In our Self Awareness Formula work (SAF) we understand that we repeat our patterns, especially the negative emotional events that we have "forgotten." Have we as a species forgotten our own history, and repeated the pattern of using nuclear power for evil? Excerpts of Sanskrit poems, c. 6500 BC, seem to point in that direction, and ancient burial sites show highly radioactive skeletons. You decide!

This is a timely and timeless book, filled with nutritional and other information we can USE today to help us counteract all the energetics that are INCOMING, energetics from the nuclear bomb tests and accidents, from chem trails and other frequencies, and energetics from the electronic gizmos humans invent with each passing day.