Friday, June 2, 2017

Why should I do SAF work? My memory is not very good.....does this matter?

Q: Why would I want to do the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF) for myself? I'm not sure about trying to remember past events – my memory is not very good.

A: The SAF method has a unique way of helping you through this process. When we remember past events, and can put these into perspective, our present day symptoms can diminish. What emerges is a stronger sense of peace and well-being.This is what we all want.

Q: Some say that all our problems stem from past life situations. Do we need to go into our past lives for this to work right?

A: Your memories ARE past life memories of a sort, because these are IN the past and often about a different way of life and living. Can you say honestly that you are living the exact same life as months ago, or even years ago?

Many of the decisions we made in the past, that helped us then, are still running in the background of our mind, directing us to do and act certain ways. These DIRECT us, even if these do not make the best sense in the present time!

We have found that these subtle, often hidden memories are the root of, or at the base of all our life trends. You remember those pesky situations we often find ourselves in and that make us wonder, "How did I get back into THIS behavior pattern? Haven't I learned anything about life and living?"

In the hands of a trained SAF professional, this emotional release work will help you find the answers you seek. You will finally be able to say you've found solutions to the disturbing behaviors and pesky situations you have had in your life.

You will learn to put two and two together so that your life does make sense.

Regular practice and use of the Self Awareness Formulas (SAF), the chain sequence work you do with your SAF practitioner, will help you make improvements to your physical and emotional health.

Find an SAF book to read and learn more. SAF Simplified is a good start.
Find an SAF practitioner today and get started.

Then, let us know how this emotional release method worked for you.


  1. Often people think that just because they have memories about events in their past, they have dealt with these traumas, The SAF method enables us to pinpoint the old memories,and rethink these life altering situations,and the patterns that have formed as a result of faulty perceptions. The SAF method can allow us to see a whole different aspect of these incidents, and a different perspective. We are able to see how these new ways of looking at an incident and a greater understanding of how to apply the experiences and resolve their once destructive programs by dissolving the effects through the new perspective. As a practitioner,I have seen many people get to that "aha moment" and their lives change,in an instant. Just as is the case with computers,we are running programs underneath,and we aren't aware of them, and the effects they have on our lives.

  2. Ah, great comment. Yes, the programs in our mind that are directing us, are just like the programs on a computer. And as we all know, computer programs must be updated and improved upon all the time.
    And so, with the SAF method, we can do this upgrading on the mental computations, those decisions we made in the past that helped us then, but may be these are not appropriate any longer.
    it is so important for us to realize that we must ALL take stock of our mental machinery from time to time. And what better time than NOW to work with a practitioner? Just make sure it is someone who knows the ins and the outs of this emotional release work, SAF. Contact us for an SAF practitioner so you can get started soon!